Quote to cash guided selling

Connecting the shopping cart to the shop floor 

Introduce a quote to cash process to transform sales and engineering to deliver an awesome buying experience in Salesforce

Tuff Shed had three major objectives for the organization’s cash to quote process:

1.) Provide a 3D experience to all three sales channels

An interactive experience available in Tuff Shed stores, at Home Depots, or from the couch

2.) Automate operations from sales to payment

Generating quotes, sales records, and the documents necessary to build accurately

3.) Work across teams, and with partners and buyers

Improving internal operations and communicating with customers in a way that they choose

Let’s see how they solve cash to quote with KBMax and Salesforce Revenue Cloud

KBMax designed an enlightened and intelligent sales & manufacturing process. Here’s how Tuff Shed has transformed their entire business to deliver an awesome buying experience for their customers.

Step 1

Product configuration

A Tuff Shed customer configures a shed based on their requirements on website, in a Home Depot, or with a Tuff Shed inside sales representative.

Step 2

Quote generation

Every line item selected from the configurator is brought in with the lead as a quote in Salesforce for reps to work with, help the customer, apply discounts, or convert to an order.

Step 3

Quote change management

At any point, an internal sales rep can search Salesforce for a customer’s quote, open it, and re-launch the KBMax configurator and start where they left off. If changes are made, they will retrigger any automated documentation or CAD outputs.

Step 4

Order negotiation and conversion

Sales reps can control and discount a sale on an as-needed or ad hoc basis – according to limits and rules controlled by approvals. Once ready, the Tuff Shed sales person converts the quote to an order in Salesforce CPQ.

Step 5

Back-office integration

The order record is automatically entered into their Oracle JD Edwards ERP where inventory, sales, taxes, and more can be tracked.

Step 6

Design and CAD automation

CAD drawings and file outputs are automatically generated from the order, to be attached to the customer-facing quote, or if needed, sent on to engineering for validation or further customization.

Step 7

Powering the shop floor and installers

KBMax auto-generates these documents to provide 100% accurate plans that reduce errors and waste for the 100,000 structures that Tuff Shed sells per year:

  • Cut sheets and plans for wall construction, trim cutting, flooring, and roofing down to the every screw and even automating saw cuts
  • A prefab installer checklist that includes a 3D building rendering, parts list, blueprint and assembly instructions

Project results for Tuff Shed

Sales and margin impact
6% increase in ASP (Average Sale Price)
$7.6 million in sales increases
25% reduction in retail discounts
$875,000 margin savings
Installation accuracy
Reduced errors on job sites
$2.9 million estimated soft cost
Hard cost savings
500,000 fewer phone calls / staff reduction of 20
$800,000 payroll savings
Automated order entry
$105,000 payroll savings
Reduction in bad debt and credit card fees
$300,000 savings
Decreased material usage rate by 1%
$1.1 million in material cost savings

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