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KBMax CPQ Software

KBMax CPQ technology in powerful, easy-to-use CPQ software that helps you deliver an awesome buying experience.

Power-up your CPQ.

Configure, Price, Quote Solutions

KBMax CPQ Technology Software Setup
Setup is a snap.

Award-winning configure, price and quote solutions for accuracy and speed.

KBMax Snap is the future of CPQ software rules writing. Based on technology developed at MIT, drag & drop rule blocks are used to construct your configurator logic and visuals. Cut your set-up time in half and easily maintain your product configurator.

  • Easy to learn for non-developers
  • Develop with visual cues and color-coding
  • Limitless functionality for advanced users
  • Turing Complete rule language
Visual Product Configurator
Immerse your customer with product visualization.

Elevate the customer experience and sell more products faster. Products in KBMax dynamically change based on options the user is selecting, so they can customize and get instant feedback on how it looks, how much it costs, and the ability to buy it now.

Document Automation Proposal Software
Save time with CAD automation.

Configured products can require engineering drawings before sales can quote or manufacturing can build. Reduce this bottleneck with automated CAD models and drawings. Use bottom-up, top-down, and nesting methodologies to quickly generate CAD models and drawings.

KBMax Connect
Integrate your applications and processes.

KBMax Connect seamlessly integrate with your existing architecture to complete your Quote-To-Cash workflow. Push and pull data from ERP systems like Oracle, SAP, NetSuite, Infor, etc. or CRM systems like Salesforce, Dynamics, etc.

KBMax can read/write from databases, make web service calls, send emails, and has a full REST API to integrate with virtually any business system. You can also easily include our configurator on your website.

What Is CPQ Software And How it Prices
Deliver real-time & accurate pricing.

Remove the tribal knowledge from your complex pricing process. Eliminate errors, speed up quoting, and increase sales bandwidth with pricing rules for discounts, geography, user roles and more. Plus utilize enterprise workflows to automate pricing approvals.

Document Automation
Automate proposal generation.

Differentiate your Quote-To-Cash documentation with professional-looking proposals, quotes, BOMs, contracts, instructions etc. Based on your existing Word or Excel templates, you have complete control over the look to include branding, logos, and product images. Add any configured data like pricing, terms and conditions, shipping, etc.

Fast cloud implementation.

KBMax Cloud removes headaches for deployment, scalability, and security. One mouse click deploys KBMax to worldwide users without any additional hardware. Elastic scalability removes bandwidth concerns. Best in class security is out of the box to keep your intellectual property safe.

KBMax CPQ software will transform your business.

"We are impressed with the value KBMax has brought to the RFQ and downstream processes. Our internal administrators are always making improvements."

Bernard Kwetkus
Director, Proposals and Inside Sales at Teledyne
KBMax CPQ Software Solutions Transformed Teledyne

Web embedded configuration

Faster quote time

No more complex Excel files for quoting


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