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Visual Configuration Software

Sell smarter.

Create a better buying experience by showing your customers exactly what they are buying.
KBMax 2D-3D Visual Configurations

Our visual configuration software allows companies to sell products configured exactly to their customers' preferences.

Accurately communicate a customers’ visualized product design to sales & marketing, engineers, and production in a language each understands.

“Leaders responsible for sales applications should seize the opportunity to disrupt their industry by being the first to offer visual configurations… The first organizations to adopt it in their industry experience substantial competitive advantage and cost savings.”

Mark David Lewis
Analyst at Gartner

Product Visualization

Visual CPQ drives real business benefit.

An immersive experience

Bring your products to life and let your customer see how it fits into a space

Quoting on the fly

Show your guests dynamic pricing that changes as they select product options

Better collaboration

Increase collaboration between engineering and sales, increasing the speed and quality of quotes

Visual Configuration Software

Why we’re different.

Customer-led design backed by a powerful product configurator.

We’re more than just a pretty face. We’re the only solution that goes beyond visualization by supporting our configurator with Snap. This powerful rules engine determines what can be visually configured in 3D or 2D.

Take your customer on a virtual product tour where they can interact with visuals, hot spots, videos, and guides. Once they are happy with the configuration, they can price and quote it instantly.

“This is a great tool for any company looking to dazzle their customers with a great and fun way to build a product.”

Erik Peterson
Application Support Analyst at Tuff Shed

Interactive eBook

How Product Visualization Is Changing the eCommerce Game

Interact with research and insights aggregated by experts that have been virtual selling for over 10 years. KBMax provides this great resource to help companies understand the value of product visualization when selling in our quickly transforming, digital-first economy.

Access the interactive eBook

Visualize real power in product configuration.

With KBMax, rules dictate how your products are allowed to be configured. This allows us to submerse your audiences into dynamically changing 2D or 3D visual environments to get a product built just how they want.

Engage your buyers with dynamic product visualization.

Sell more, faster.

Increase sales by showing off your product in an attractive and intuitive way, no matter how complex the configuration. With product visualization your customer is 75% more likely to buy after visually seeing a product (eMarketer).

Shorten lead times.

By working alongside your customer or empowering them to configure your product by themselves on your website, they will experience a quicker and more personalized design process in real-time as users enjoy customizing and configuring for themselves.

Eliminate errors.

Our visualization is driven by the rules you set up in our rules engine, Snap. Therefore, your customer can only configure a product that can be manufactured.

Visualize a better customer experience.