Omni-Channel CPQ Sales Software

Change how buying and quoting gets done.

Open up new and immersive buying channels for your customers with our Omni-Channel CPQ sales software.

Struggling with complexity of the sale?

Manufacturers struggle with products that may offer thousands of configurable options. With complexity like that, is it impossible to entrust product configuration and quoting outside of the knowing hands of your sales reps? Not at all. With KBMax, the unique combination of a robust rules engine, dynamic pricing, and our visual configurator puts a simple yet powerful tool into the hands of your sales reps, distributors, and directly with the end buyer.

Omni-Channel CPQ Sales Software

Sell more, differently.

Gain a competitive edge as a manufacturer. Omni-channel sales is a game-changer that elevates the customer experience to win more and bigger deals. Get a jump on the next wave of commerce capabilities with our smart and flexible visualization engine.

CPQ Configurator Engages Every Audience

KBMax customers are winning at Industry 4.0.

  • Reduce the quoting and CAD drawing cycle from days to minutes
  • Use on internal or external websites
  • Enforce proper product configuration options and pricing
  • Reduce bottlenecks with sales people, engineering, and distributors

CPQ Sales Software Increases Sales

105% Increase

In Deal Size

CPQ Sales Software Increases Conversion Rate

40% Increase

In Conversion Rate

CPQ Sales Software Increases Sales Reaching Quota

26% Increase

In Reps Achieving Quota

Engage every audience with our visual product configurator.

Manufacturers struggle with the core business of getting products in front of their customers for consideration and purchase. KBMax allows you to build and manage a simple and centralized 3D product configurator that can be tweaked for each audience.

Sales teams

Sales teams can configure products confidently without support from engineering. This improved turnaround on quote requests and drawings means more deals are closed, and fewer inaccurate configurations are sent downstream for production.

Dealers and distributors

Have confidence that branches, retail locations, and distributors can take complete control of the sale. Allow reps to customize, configure, and sell products without having to collaborate with your sales teams.

Your website

We’re the only solution that allows you to embed your product configurator on any website. Let your customer configure, price and quote your product based on their requirements. Perfect for lead generation and ecommerce integration.

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"I wanted customers to be able to buy something from their couch."

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