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Modular Building Sales

Sell more structures and build them faster.

KBMax turns your complex engineering rules into an immersive buying experience for your modular buildings. Our configurator also helps drive your shop floor.

Your buildings are great, but have you built efficient sales and manufacturing processes?

Selling modular buildings takes more effort than it should. It’s big money from the buyer, there are tons of options and dependencies, and it’s a complicated sale.

Complex Doesn’t Mean Impossible

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell every feasible configuration of your modular buildings simply and efficiently, no matter the complexity?

Right now, your sales, engineering, and manufacturing teams are struggling to ensure they work together to quote, design, and build structures with minimal effort and mistakes.

Sales doesn’t need to waste tons of time configuring technically (and financially) non-viable products, exacerbating engineering bottlenecks, and piling further pressure on already stretched engineering and production departments.

Can You Get Sales, Engineering, and Fabrication On the Same Page?

Your sales reps are struggling to understand and communicate the numerous options and product rules quickly and easily for the customer. Engineering is constantly involved to validating building configurations and provide pre-sales drawings. Then the customer changes things, requiring engineering to step in again.

All of this is lost in translation when these orders get to the shop floor, introducing risk, mistakes, delays, upset customers, and reduced profitability.

Design and sell complex structures on-the-fly, simply and efficiently, no matter the complexity.

Break down silos between your customers and internal teams to remove sales, engineering, and production bottlenecks.

CPQ for Modular Buildings
Visually Design Buildings with Confidence

With KBMax, your building configurations, pricing, manufacturing, and assembly rules can live in one place and control the entire sales to manufacturing process. Sales reps, website users, and distributors can all benefit from a highly visual experience when configuring a structure. Human error is eliminated, the sales process is shortened, and product manufacturing constraints are respected.

What’s the secret? It’s all the work of advanced CPQ product rules – the little bits of logic that govern how your buildings are configured and manufactured, ensuring every deal is optimized from a technical and profitability standpoint.

Selling Modular Buildings Online
Automate Equipment Sales, Engineering, and Manufacturing Processes

Allow sales reps to quickly generate quote drawings for buyers, without the help of the engineering team. Sales can do this with confidence because KBMax virtualizes the rules that govern the production your engineer to order structures, to ensure only valid option configurations make their way through sales and engineering to the production team.

Once orders are finalized, KBMax provides actual CAD file outputs that your engineering team can run with to validate, or further customize the building’s configuration for the customer. Then we help speed manufacturing by auto-generating the core documents required to initiate the build: technical drawings, cut sheets, BOMs, assembly instructions, and product renderings are all created without any input from engineering.

CPQ for Modular Buildings
Reach New Customer Audiences

The economy is shifting and you need to open up buying to everyone, even if configuring and quoting modular buildings online is complex business. KBMax provides a centralized and straightforward product configurator that allows you manage multiple buyer channels, simultaneously. Provide your internal reps, distributors, and end customers a centralized platform to serve as the control center for a seamless buying experience wherever people are shopping for your buildings.

With omni-channel sales and B2B eCommerce you can acquire a large volume of customers in bulk, achieve economies of scale by selling more structures overall, and reach people who were only able to shop in-person before.

Benefits of Modular Building Online Sales

Increase deal size and eliminate hassle while meeting the unique needs of every buyer.

Design, price, and quote a structure in minutes, instead of days or weeks.

Sales reps or customers visually configure structures in immersive 2D or 3D space

Get instant, dynamic pricing, driven by your rules or external data sources

Tap into new customer channels with omni-channel sales and B2B eCommerce

Enable Sales to generate their own pre-sales engineering drawings

Automate your manual, monotonous, time-sapping sales and engineering tasks

Auto-generate CAD files, CNC cut sheets, BOMs, and product renderings for production

Tuff Shed increased sales their first year with KBMax by $7.6 million.

"KBMax has been a wonder to us since we began using the tool. The level of intricacy and detail they're able to provide to the sales experience and manufacturing process is something I've never seen before."

Moriah Hillbrand
Business Analyst
Complex Product Configurator Solutions For Tuff Shed

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