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Sales & Manufacturing Solution for High Tech

Sell complex technical equipment easier and faster.

Provide a visual buying experience for sales reps, distributors, and customers to configure high tech products that connects to the manufacturing process.

Does your customer experience match your level of technical innovation?

Purchasing high tech equipment with near limitless options and dependencies can be a daunting process.

Don’t Make the Customer Work For It

Buyer expectations have changed. Why force customers to ‘picture’ their expensive product requirements? If they can not quickly and clearly understand their exact configuration and pricing, you are making the sales process harder.

It’s proven that a visual buying experience can boost conversion rates as much as 40%.

Your Internal Teams are Suffering

Your sales reps and customers cannot consume all of the options in bulky web interface or phone conversations. After looking at processer speeds, form factors, and slugging other technical details – they just feel like giving up on the purchase. You want a way to quickly and easily narrow down options for the customer. This tedious process is putting increasing strain on your internal teams, and forcing customers to wait. You need a more efficient way to provide mass customization at scale.


Sell any piece of technical equipment, simply and efficiently, no matter how complex it is.

Digitally transform selling and manufacturing to eliminate the bottlenecks and breakdowns between customers, sales, engineering, and production.

CPQ for High-Tech Equipment
Introduce a Visual & Rules-Driven Equipment Design

With KBMax, your high tech equipment configuration, pricing, manufacturing, and assembly rules can live in one place and control the entire sales to manufacturing process. Your sales reps, website users, and distributors all benefit from a highly visual experience, reflecting the equipment’s exact build as it is configured. Human error is eliminated, the sales process is shortened, and order values increase.

What’s the secret? It’s all the work of powerful logic that governs how your products are configured and manufactured, ensuring every product is optimized from a technical and profitability standpoint.

Selling High-Tech Equipment Online
Automate Sales, Engineering, and Manufacturing Processes

Allow sales reps to quickly generate quotes, pricing, and drawings for buyer review, without the help of the engineering team. Sales can do this with confidence, because KBMax Snap rules only allow valid configurations to make their way through sales and engineering to the production team.
KBMax automatically generates all the documents required to initiate manufacturing: technical drawings, bill of materials, assembly instructions, parts lists, and product renderings are all created without any input from engineering. KBMax even has direct integrations with major CAD systems like SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, and PTC Creo to automate dynamic CAD models & drawings.

CPQ for high tech and electronics
Tap Into New Customer Channels

The new economy demands a more open buying experience — even for high tech equipment. KBMax provides a centralized and straightforward product configurator that allows you manage multiple audiences, simultaneously. Provide your reps, dealers, and end customers a centralized platform to serve as the control center for a seamless buying experience wherever people are shopping for your products.

With omni-channel and B2B selling you can acquire a large volume of customers in bulk, achieve economies of scale by selling more structures overall, and reach people who only shop in-store.

Expanding omni-channel and B2B commerce selling greatly increases your visibility to customers and lets them shop on their terms.

Benefits of CPQ for High Tech

Increase deal size and eliminate hassle while meeting the unique needs of every buyer.

Your entire sales, engineering, and quoting process can happen in a matter of minutes instead of multiple days or weeks.

Immerse customers in 2D/3D visual configuration of their product

Leverage business logic and dynamic pricing for fast and accurate equipment quotes

Automate your manual, monotonous, time-sapping sales and engineering tasks

Reduce your customer quote wait to minutes, instead of multiple days or weeks

Generate CAD outputs for pre-sales and engineering, reducing load for both teams

Auto-generate CAD files, parts lists, assembly instructions, and product renderings for production

With KBMax, global high tech manufacturer, NI, is slashing a 5 day configuration process to just 5 minutes.

"We thoroughly evaluated multiple vendors in the CPQ space and chose KBMax. Its robust configurator, best-in-class visualization, and enterprise flexibility were major factors in our selection."

Scott Studer
Senior Director of Global Customer Operations

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