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Engineer to Order

There is help for ETO companies who seek automation.

Companies that manufacture Engineer to Order (ETO) products don’t have to be forced to decide on the trade-off between customization and operational efficiency.
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Are you Engineer to Order (ETO)?

Is the custom and engineering-heavy nature of your configuration process putting increasing strain on your engineering team?

Do these ETO challenges sound familiar?

Is your product manufactured and assembled in low quantities?

Do you have limited or individual customer specifications?

Are outputs subject to large cost penalties for lateness?

You are not alone.

25% of North American manufacturing companies are ETO

ETO companies are growing at a rate of 20%

For Engineer to Order, engineering is the largest controllable consumer of lead time taking up to 50% of the total time

engineer to order automation aids production

Reduce complexity with engineer to order automation.

ETO companies think that it is impossible to automate the entire end-to-end process surrounding product configuration, design, engineering, and production. However, KBMax can act as your “Virtual Engineer” to reduce errors and speed up the sales and manufacturing process.

engineer to order automation

The Benefits of Automating Engineer to Order Processes with KBMax

Your company can deliver an increasingly remarkable variety of products while dramatically accelerating your transactions, saving cost, labor, and time-to-market.

Engineer to order design and estimating

Get assistance with design and estimating

Generate more accurate estimates and better product designs with fewer errors. Automate CAD models and drawings and their sub-components.

Engineer to order standardization

Extend your company’s standard offerings

Quickly and accurately configure your products based on pre-built components and rules. Minimize the back-and-forth between the buyer, the sales team, and engineering.

Engineer to order automation boosts production speed

Boost your production speed and your margins

Accelerated production schedules and on-time product deliveries while reducing job costs and improving profitability. Integrate inventory management to ensure availability and avoid duplication.

This is how KBMax automates Engineer to Order processes.

Engineer to order product configuration
Rules-driven Product Configuration

There is most likely repeatability somewhere in your ETO process, in product components, or sub-components. KBMax Snap allows you to set up your engineering rules to control those aspects of the design and configuration phase.

  • Gain better control over any repeatable engineering processes with rules that enforce proper configuration and design
  • Directly access your product and customer data through a database or web services layer for a “single source of truth”
Engineer to order CAD and design automation
Design and CAD Automation

Ingest CAD files from popular platforms to drive configuration rules and interactive display.

Integrate with the most popular CAD platforms like Solidworks and PTC Creo to auto-generate engineering drawings.

Engineer to order proposal and document automation
Proposal and Documentation Automation

Provide detailed and dynamic sales drawings, cut sheets, parts lists, and assembly instructions so your manufacturing team knows exactly how to deal with final assembly.

Detailed Bills of Materials (BOM) are also auto-generated, ensuring a seamless transition from ordering to parts picking and the build and assembly phase.

Engineer to order integration
Integration of Teams, Data, and Manufacturing

KBMax Connector seamlessly integrates with your existing architecture to read/write from databases, make web service calls, send emails, and has a full REST API to integrate with virtually any business system.

Push and pull data from ERP systems like Oracle, SAP, NetSuite & Infor or CRM/CPQ platforms like Salesforce or CAD systems like SolidWorks and Creo or your PLM like Propel.

"We have a simple product with numerous and sometimes complex and unlimited option catalog. KBMax allows us to handle 95% of the custom requests without needing to use outside drawing programs to meet the customer's needs. "

Jeff Smith
Engineering and Design CAD Specialist

Build an Engineer to Order strategy with KBMax.