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Rock-solid and simplified CPQ for your SAP ERP.

Extend your ROI from your SAP deployment with visual CPQ that connects your customers, products, and teams.

How long does it take to get your new products live in SAP?

Your new product is designed, tested, ready, and signed off by management. Now the real struggle begins...


Do you find that it’s needlessly difficult using cryptically coded rules to load a new product and relevant information into SAP?

It might take two, three, six months, or more to build out every possible product deviation and permutation in SAP – some of which may never be chosen or purchased. That seems like a lot of unnecessary work. All of that time spent dealing with this complexity means missed revenue and opportunity, allowing your competition to make gains.

Also, once you begin selling, is the configuring and quoting process helping or hurting the engineering and production team processes?

KBMax is the most simple and powerful configure, price, and quote solution that integrates with SAP.

It’s never been easier to get your products launched and connected to customers, quotes, orders, and manufacturing for a rich buying experience and simplified production.


Complete the Entire Sale in a Single Visit

KBMax CPQ puts a fast, responsive, and customer friendly face on SAP, elevating the user experience with native visualization, as well as CAD drawings and other automation capabilities to allow for a completed sales cycle in a single transaction.


Tighten Up Processes Across the Entire Life Cycle

Generate more deals that have wider visibility across the organization. Allow every team to reduce administration, data-entry, and unnecessary errors with CPQ integrated across your critical systems and processes.

Configure, Price and Quote for SAP

Give Engineering and Manufacturing a Head Start

Customers often require site plans, elevations, engineering, and/or manufacturing drawings in order to finalize a purchase. KBMax allows you to auto-generate CAD designs and drawings for use on sales documents, engineering customizations, and on the production floor.

How Does KBMax Make CPQ in SAP Better?

KBMax Provides an Immersive and Personalized Buying Experience

Go Omnichannel

Deliver an ideal user experience for every sales channel: customers buying direct, distributors, and/or internal sales people.

Complexity Welcome

KBMax’s Snap rules engine thrives under complex product and ordering rules allowing for bundling of configurable goods with services and subscriptions.

Sell Efficiently and Accurately

A guided selling approach ensures a slick experience that sells larger deals, faster, and accurately.

Keep the Buyer’s Attention

Ensure an easy and enjoyable selling or buying experience instead of waiting on screens to refresh or sluggish SAP logic and API calls.

Get Even More Return on Investment From Your SAP Deployment

Get to Market Faster

Begin selling new products faster with KBMax because it is easier to build logic rules that control the visual configuration of every element.

Centralize Operations

Orchestrate configuration, pricing, quote, order, master/transaction data, and material information across every business system.

Leverage Your Critical SAP Data

Tap into SAP product, pricing, and order data to drive robust rules during product configuration, dynamic pricing, and quote assembly.

Close the Loop Between Sales, Engineering, and Manufacturing

Enable Seller Independance

KBMax generates sales CAD drawings from a rules-based configurator allowing sales people to self-serve during the entire quoting process. This frees the engineering team from transactional pre-sales activities, while still ensuring the company can build what the person configured.

Give Engineering a Head Start

Actual CAD files are generated for all popular CAD platforms, giving engineering the ability to further validate or customize a configured product for a customer.

Help Manufacturing Succeed

Introducing this controlled and accurate sales and design experience results in a happy production team downstream that receives accurate, auto-generated renderings, BOMs, assembly instructions, and more from KBMax.

Focus SAP Variant Configurator On What It Does Best

KBMax robust rules engine manages sales and production-level rules and the exchange of information between engineering, production, multiple manufacturing facilities, and sales. This means you can reduce the sales rulesets living within Variant Configurator, letting it focus on downstream manufacturing rules.

Visual CPQ for SAP

Deploy and Maintain Rules Flexibly

SAP VC rulesets are notoriously lengthy, hard to code, and highly dependent upon 'If Statements', unlike KBMax SNAP which provides significantly more logic, engineering, configuration, and visualization functions.

3D Product Visualizations in SAP

Drive More Sophisticated Visual Configuration

VC's constraint-based engine resides outside of the visualization layer requiring the management of two systems and diverging sets of rules. Your customer experience takes a hit each time it has to go back and ask SAP VC if something is allowed... where KBMax does it real-time.

SAP CPQ Visualization

Enable Top-Down or Bottoms-Up Designs

Gain greater flexibility and efficiency when designing custom products on the fly. Admins are not forced to use one approach over another to build BOMs which lessens constraint logic and maintenance.

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