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Salesforce CPQ & KBMax

Advancing configurable selling.

Salesforce CPQ and KBMax is the most flexible and easy-to-use solution to configure, price and quote highly-configurable, manufactured products. Salesforce CPQ

We are the "Super C" for Salesforce CPQ.

Powerful CPQ Tools For Salesforce

The “Super C” is an enhanced configurator that can easily handle complex product rules. It’s powered by Snap, KBMax’s robust rules engine. It also enables you to directly access your product data through a database or web services layer for a Single Source of Truth.

Simplify the sales process.

KBMax’s powerful CPQ tools for salesforce eliminate the complex dance between sales, engineering, and operations to get valid quotes to the customer.

  • Intuitive and quick to setup
  • Visually compelling and accurate quotes with BOMs and CAD drawings
  • Easy to maintain
Salesforce CPQ And KBMax Super C

How it works.



Product rules are created using Snap. Rules will enforce proper configuration of products.



Configurations are audited against the rules that were set up in Snap to ensure they can be manufactured.



Automate add-on orders, price them and quickly generate proposals, contracts, and renewals. Then seamlessly integrate your invoicing, collections, taxes, and reporting.



80% of orders are entered without the aid of engineering. CAD drawings are automatically created to start the manufacturing process.

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A Salesforce Integrated Solution to Help Companies Sell More

With the new technology available in this fourth industrial revolution, customer expectations regarding the buying experience are changing as well. Customers expect a superior and hands-on experience with a timely response rate and an easy way to complete their purchase, no matter what type of product they’re buying.

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KBMax and Salesforce helped Tuff Shed construct a stronger business.

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"KBMax allows the customer's imagination to become reality in real-time which improves our lead generation, increases our average transaction & allows our customers to buy when and where is best for them."

Steve Stessman
Vice President of National Retail Sales

+$15 Million in Revenue

168% Boost in Sales


35% Increase in Production

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Learn about how KBMax acts as the “Super C” for Salesforce CPQ

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Speed the sale with other powerful CPQ features.

Complement Salesforce CPQ with rules, visualization, website embedding and CAD automation built for Manufacturing and eCommerce.

Build powerful rules, easily.

Handle complex logic for complex product configuration and quoting with our KBMax Snap rules engine. The visual drag & drop blocks make it easy to use and fast to implement business rules for any skill level. Snap isn’t limited like other text-based rule languages. It’s Turing-complete, meaning it can build any advanced algorithm. The future of enterprise programming is here!

  • Turing complete language
  • Simply build loops & arrays
  • Handle complex logic
  • Sell any product
Immerse buyers with visualization.

Boost your conversion rates by allowing your sales reps or end buyers visually configure and price products real-time in 3D or 2D.

Salesforce customers can now take advantage of KBMax’s complex product configurator capabilities along with our revolutionary, interactive visualization, seamlessly integrated with Salesforce CPQ. Visual imagery is a tremendous competitive advantage to help your products stand out and sell faster.

Embed the experience on your website.

Create an experience that will beat your competition. Allow customers, distributors, or your sales people to customize and configure their product purchase directly in your website. Our context-aware configurator can pass fields, values, and other valuable data between itself and the website on which it is embedded.

Save time with CAD automation.

Configured products can require engineering drawings before sales can quote or manufacturing can build. These manual processes can take weeks. Reduce these bottlenecks with automated Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, PTC Creo 3D models and drawings. Use bottoms up, top-down, and nesting methodologies to generate fast CAD models & drawings.