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CPQ for Retail Sales

Sell more, faster.

You can provide a visual customer experience that boosts retail conversion rates by 40%.

Are your goods too complex to sell online via traditional eCommerce platforms?

Your customers are looking for a simplified buying experience that doesn’t take multiple people, conversations, and weeks to make a purchase.

Your Sales People and Customers Want More Control

You sell products with lots of options, which boosts the complexity of the sale. The (seemingly required) back and forth with the customer breeds risk for the deal, risk or more errors, and results in a long sales cycle neither benefits the customer, or your company.

Retailers are asking their buyers to envision how their product is going to look and work for themselves, based on what they saw in a generic catalog or by reading through highly-detailed product information online. But buyer expectations have changed, and they now expect an eCommerce-like experience!

Stop Dependency On Your Technical Teams

Your customers demand accurate and detailed quotes with supporting drawings to make informed purchase decisions, but this often places a heavy burden on your technical design and engineering teams. These employees are struggling to keep up validating customer requirements and creating detailed drawings to keep your sales team closing.

It seems impossible to automate your entire end-to-end process surrounding product configuration, design, engineering, and production. You need a more efficient way to provide mass customization at scale.

Provide an eCommerce experience for anything in your sales catalog, no matter the complexity.

KBMax dynamic product configuration allows for a controlled buying experience that connects customers, sales, engineering, and production.

CPQ for Retail
Introduce a Visual & Rules-Driven Approach to Selling

With KBMax, your product pricing, configuration, manufacturing, and assembly rules can live in one place and control the entire sales to manufacturing process. Your sales reps, website users, and distributors all benefit from a highly visual experience, that is known to boost conversion rates as much as 40%. Configuring products this way eliminates human error, the sales process is shortened, and your order values increase.

What’s the secret? Advanced CPQ product rules – the little bits of logic that govern how your products are configured and manufactured, ensuring every product is optimized from a technical and profitability standpoint.

CPQ for Retail Sales
Tap Into New Buying Audiences and Methods

Every business is looking to enable eCommerce, especially in a post-COVID accelerated digital transition.  Provide your reps, dealers, and end customers a centralized platform to serve as the control center for a seamless buying experience wherever people are shopping for your equipment.

Achieve economies of scale by selling goods direct-to-customer and easily through existing and new distribution channels. KBMax is the best CPQ solution to allow you to get a complex catalog virtualized for sale online, providing a centralized and straightforward product configurator that allows you manage multiple audiences, simultaneously.

Sell Complex Products Online
Automate Engineering, and Manufacturing Processes of Goods

Allow sales reps to quickly generate quote drawings for buyer review, without the help of the engineering team. Sales can do this with confidence because KBMax virtualizes the rules that govern the production of your products, to ensure only valid configurations make their way through sales and engineering to the production team.

Once orders are finalized, KBMax outputs real CAD files that your engineering team can run with to validate, or further customize configurations for the customer. KBMax also generates all the documents required to initiate manufacturing: technical drawings, CAD files, CNC cut sheets, bill of materials, and product renderings are all created without any input from engineering.

Benefits of Virtualizing Complex Sales

Increase the efficiency of your quoting, sales, design, and manufacturing to drive profitability.

Generate more quotes with existing resources, close bigger deals, and do it all faster and easier than you do today.

Allow sales reps, distributors, and end customers to visually configure their products in 2D/3D

Generate customer quotes in minutes, instead of multiple days or weeks

Customers get to customize, but within your defined set of rules

New sales hires can be trained in hours rather than weeks

Generate CAD outputs for pre-sales and engineering, reducing load for both teams

Auto-generate CAD files, CNC cut sheets, BOMs, and product renderings for production

KBMax enables Outdoor Cap Company to sell a highly customizable products to their B2B customers.

"We are doing nothing less than revolutionizing the way our customers visualize, configure, and buy our customized products. We now have a next generation tool our B2B customers can easily use to generate stunning custom designs much faster than we could have built for them."

Ben Roberts
Senior Vice President Marketing

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