CPQ Manufacturing Software

Simplify manufacturing.

KBMax helps to simplify and streamline your sales and manufacturing process with our manufacturing CPQ software.

You might think that selling complex products has to be...complex.

Do you sell tangible goods? Does your company struggle to connect pricing and manufacturing rules to product and customer information in your core business systems?

digital transformation in manufacturing

75% of contract processes

are not automated

CPQ for Manufacturing

70% of sales rep time

is spent on administrative tasks

Manufacturing CPQ

61% of employees

typically access four or more systems to get the information they need to do their jobs

You are not alone.

Many still struggle with quoting from spreadsheets and waiting for a drawing from engineering to get a deal proposed, sold, and manufactured.

“Sales was crushing Manufacturing.”

Steve Stessman
Sr. Vice President National Retail Sales

Tuff Shed’s engineering and production departments were inundated with quote validation and CAD drawing requests from their sales department. They couldn’t catch up, and the sales team complained they were losing deals because of it.

Manufacturing CPQ Software Helps Sales

Complimentary Gartner Report

How to Select a Configure, Price and Quote Vendor

About 80 vendors currently offer a CPQ solution.

This note guides application leaders through best practices for selecting a CPQ vendor using Gartner research, tools and inquiry

  • Perform due diligence and pick the winning vendor
  • Follow Gartner’s four-step evaluation process
  • Learn best-practices for vendor analysis, RFPs, demos, and more


How to Select a Configure, Price and Quote Vendor, Mark Lewis, 5 November 2019

Access the research

We help companies navigate the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a new era of growth in the tech industry that is marked by intelligence and connection. The new era of digital transformation in manufacturing is here. New technologies are popping up like autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and visualization. Companies are transforming themselves by bringing in these new technologies to connect with their customers in new ways.

Digital Transformation In Manufacturing

Manufacturing is in our DNA.

Check out some of our leaders’ latest thoughts and insights. KBMax comes from the manufacturing world, giving us a strong understanding of how companies can digitally transform during Industry 4.0.

KBMax enables smart, automated, and visual CPQ and ecommerce.

Our easy-to-set up solution makes it easier for your sales teams, distributors, and end-customers to configure, price, and quote (CPQ) products and drive automation in engineering and manufacturing. What is CPQ?

Decrease your sales cycle.

Say goodbye to sales spreadsheets and disconnected processes. Your product rules are easily set up in our rules engine, Snap, allowing your sales team to accurately configure and quote complex products. Once the product is configured, sales drawings and detailed Bill of Materials are immediately generated.

Eliminate errors.

You will no longer have quoting or production errors since you can maintain your accurate and real-time pricing and product rules.

Increase your production.

After the product is configured, engineering drawings and cut sheets are automatically generated and sent to your manufacturing team.

Deliver an enhanced buying experience for your customers.

Your customers can purchase your products from anywhere now – your website, with a sales rep, or in-store. They can also visually put together their ideal product and purchase right away.

Your journey to Industry 4.0 starts today.