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Disrupt eCommerce.

Be the first on your block to offer smart, rules-driven visual configuration with our CPQ for eCommerce.

3D Product Visualization

Don’t make your customers guess what they’re buying. Show them.

Empower your customers to visually use the configure, price, quote tools and then buy your product. This enhances the shopping experience, improves conversion rates, and aids the sale.

“Companies that implement 3D product visualization solutions see significant improvement in their deal win rate, lower costs for drafting computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, less rework in the factory and lower carrying costs for samples at retail locations.”

Gartner Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration

CPQ For eCommerce With 3D Product Visualization

CPQ For eCommerce Platform

Increase sales with a visual product configurator that’s integrated with your eCommerce platform.

Learn how easy it is to enhance the visitor experience in Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and other eCommerce platforms.

How KBMax visual eCommerce works:


You set up your eCommerce application with rules and visitor-configurable options.


Visitors dynamically change the product and how it looks by selecting various product options.


Your conversion rates skyrocket due to engaged visitors and standing apart from the crowd.

B2B companies take 4-6 weeks to provide a quote, which requires talking to a sales rep multiple times.

Tuff Shed had a paper jam in their engineering and production departments which were inundated with quote validation and CAD drawing requests from their sales department. They couldn’t catch up, and the sales team complained they were losing deals because of it.

Before, the teams were struggling.

“Sales was crushing manufacturing.”
Steve Stessman, Sr. VP of National Retail at Tuff Shed

Now, customer self-serve and sales soar.

Tuff Shed allows web visitors to configure their product immediately, right on their corporate website, resulting in a 168% boost in sales.

Tuff Shed markets their KBMax configurator as a differentiator.

Tuff Shed knows that visitors to their website and at Home Depot locations deeply value immediate self-service, configuration, pricing, and purchasing. In fact, they created a number of commercials highlighting the benefits.

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