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Complex Product Configurator Solutions

Simplify complex product configuration.

Do you sell and manufacture highly-configurable tangible goods? Our complex product configurator solutions handle your complex engineering rules and can be implemented quickly and is easily maintained.

Gartner advises companies with highly configurable products to adopt a maintainable CPQ solution quickly to gain an edge on the competition:

“Early movers will take market share from their competitors by significantly changing the
way in which products are sold. If one of your competitors is already using this technology, you are probably being outsold and need to react quickly with your own initiative.”

Gartner Hype Cycle for CRM Sales Technology, 2019

Complex Product Configurator Solutions For Manufacturing

We talk to a lot of manufacturers who don’t think simplifying complex product ordering and manufacturing is possible.

You have complex engineering rules with mathematical functions backed by a large databases full of product attributes. You don’t think the technology exists that can handle this complexity, or if there is one, you cannot easily afford or maintain it.

Here’s our solution, built exactly for you.

Our configurator has brains behind the visually pretty face – powered by our rules engine, Snap, that is easy to set-up and maintain.
  •   Complex Product Rules
    Handle mathematical functions, product variables, and manufacturing data
  •   Dynamic Fields
    Dynamically add/hide/limit options based on previous selections
  •   Data Management
    Directly access and filter product data through database or web services layer for a single source of truth
  •   Nested Configurators
    Reuse your component logic across product lines
  •   Complex Workflows
    Easily set up custom approval loops
  •   Integration
    Connect all of your business systems including CAD, CRM, and ERP so data can be easily shared and maintained

There are many benefits in using KBMax for complex product configuration:

Higher win rates

Our complex configurator facilitates faster creation of proposals that include CAD drawings or 3D renderings of the ordered product. For example, a major medical device manufacturer reduced the time to generate a proposal from 10 days to 10 minutes.

Higher conversion rates

With our solution, consumers can customize and buy a product that is configured exactly how they want it, lowering rework costs and return rates while driving higher customer satisfaction.

Reduce or eliminate cost

You no longer need to manually draft CAD drawings for proposals and manufacturing. This process is now automated through our configurator.

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"Using the KBMax platform, we were able to easily create the insanely complicated workflows and configuration options for our retail partners."

Yulong Yang
Applications and Systems Manager at Tuff Shed
Complex Product Configurator Solutions For Tuff Shed

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