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B2B2C Sales

Serve up a B2C experience for B2B customers

KBMax provides an awesome consumer-like buying experience for all customers, regardless of the complexity of your products.

What is B2B2C?

B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer) expands the B2B (Business-to-Business) model, allowing companies to provide an eCommerce buying experience to their customers.

With next-generation technology available in this fourth industrial revolution, many companies are unaware of how much their potential customer’s expectations are changing in regards to their buying experience.

B2B customers expect the same treatment and hands-on experience they would expect in a B2C buying experience – exceptional customer service, timely response rate, and an easy way to complete their purchase.


Traditional eCommerce cannot deliver a B2B2C buying experience.

70% of business buyers say they expect an Amazon-like buying experience from their business vendors. Product companies may know this, but being able to provide a consumer-style solution they to their business customers is tricky and they aren’t sure it is worth it.

Business decision makers don’t attribute standard eCommerce programs to growth...

…yet 88% anticipate that in the next five years products will be primarily sold online.

  • 51% say their eCommerce system is too rigid to update and adapt easily as trends and customer needs change
  • 51% claim the eCommerce system does not allow for scale
  • 41% believe that their eCommerce system is too difficult for customers to navigate

The Omni-Channel B2B2C Solution:

KBMax makes it easy to engage every audience with interactive eCommerce.

B2B audiences are demanding the same quoting and purchasing experience they would expect from a B2C eCommerce transaction when they are making a B2B eCommerce purchase. KBMax provides a consistent selling experience across every one of your channels, yet catered to each individual audience.

Direct to customers

Boost lead generation and enable customer self-service.

KBMax allows for the most complex of products to be easily configured by anyone, and allows for direct embed of the product configurator experience on any website.

The experience is complete and simple enough for customers to configure, price, and order their customized product in real-time.

Internal sales teams

Sales teams will benefits from a controlled experience with automation that provides dynamic pricing, quote generation, and visuals.

Sellers will finally be able to handle change management with tightly coupled CRM integration that speeds up and provides a global view of the sale.

Distributors & partners

Your distributors, branches, retail locations, and partners will be able to take on all aspects of the sale.

These partners will be able to customize, configure, and sell products without direct collaboration with your sales teams. Instead, KBMax connects these agents directly to your manufacturing process resulting in more orders and fewer production errors.

One set of rules to rule them all.

KBMax Snap is the magic that allows for a single, yet variable set of rules, to power an interactice and visual experience. This powerful rules engine allows for orchestration of the workflows and automations that allow for end-to-end process surrounding product configuration, design, engineering, and production.

KBMax goes beyond just the sale.

Don’t stop with just digitizing the purchasing experience when your company can also gain a major edge on its maufacturing processes.

Reduce the load on engineering.

Integrate with the most popular CAD platforms like Solidworks, Inventor, and PTC Creo to auto-generate engineering drawings.

Allow your sales people to serve customers directly without the bottle neck of waiting for Engineering to crank out drawings for every quote or order change.

Automate proposals and manufacturing documentation.

Workflows backed by auto-generated documentation reduces errors and time-to-production by ensuring a seamless transition from quoting, to ordering, to parts picking, all of the way through the build phase.

KBMax provides detailed and dynamic sales drawings, cut sheets, parts lists, and assembly instructions so your manufacturing team knows exactly how to deal with manufacturing and final assembly.

Integrate your teams, data, and shop floor.

The KBMax Connector platform seamlessly integrates your core systems and processes to connect your B2B2C ordering process with the rest of your business. Read/write from databases, make web service calls, send emails, and employ a full REST API to integrate with virtually any business system or process.

We allow for push and/or pull of data from ERP systems like Oracle, SAP, NetSuite & Infor or CRM/CPQ platforms like Salesforce or CAD systems like SolidWorks and Creo or your PLM like Propel.

"We are doing nothing less than revolutionizing the way our customers visualize, configure, and buy our customized products. We now have a next generation tool our B2B customers can easily use to generate stunning custom designs much faster than we could have built for them."

Ben Roberts
Senior Vice President Marketing

Dive into the possibilities of B2B2C selling with KBMax.