CAD Automation for Building Supplies

Sell more. Supply faster.

Independence from outside design apps
95% of custom requests met

The challenge

Transform building product sales to shorten sales cycles and help out engineering – because it’s more complicated than just selling bundles of 2x4s

The solution

Automatically generate CAD files and create technical drawings without any input from engineering


“We have a simple product with numerous and sometimes complex and unlimited option catalog. KBMax [Epicor CPQ] allows us to handle 95% of the custom requests without needing to use outside drawing programs to meet the customer’s needs. ”

Timberlane, Inc.

“We evaluated many different solutions and KBMax [Epicor CPQ] was the only one that could handle our complex requirements.”

Johns Manville
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105% increase in deal size
40% increase in conversion rate
26% increase in reps achieving quota
$2.9 million in reduced errors