2D/3D Visualization for Heavy Equipment

Sell more equipment. Build it faster.

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The challenge

Buyers are suffering a crisis of confidence when it comes to investing in new, expensive equipment. They want to see what they’re getting!

The solution

Give buyers a crystal-clear visual understanding of your equipment options to remove pre-purchase anxiety and increase the deal size


“KBMax [Epicor CPQ] as a 3D configurator product is among the best in the business. The functionality and customization goes as deep or as simple as you would like. We were able to work with their team to create the insanely complicated paths and configuration options for our products, and even improve the accuracy of our pricing!”

Tuff Shed

“Companies that implement 3D product visualization solutions see significant improvement in their deal win rate, lower costs for drafting computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, less rework in the factory and lower carrying costs for samples at retail locations.”

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105% increase in deal size
40% increase in conversion rate
26% increase in reps achieving quota
$2.9 million in reduced errors