Complex Product Configurator for Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Epicor CPQ provides super-powered CPQ for Salesforce 

Get the enhanced product configurator that can handle the most complex, highly variable products and works seamlessly with Salesforce.

Conquer complex product sales with Epicor CPQ visual configuration

Get the Salesforce-integrated visual configurator that can handle complex product options, pricing rules, and manufacturing data

You are facing sales and manufacturing challenges

Product complexity

Your products have many variations or options and other CPQ solutions can’t handle the complex product rules.

Long sales cycles

You need a solution that cuts down on the time your sales team spends putting together accurate quotes with back-and-forth with your engineering team.

Team growth

Your sales team has grown, and increasingly harder to keep them trained on your various products, pricing and manufacturing capabilities.

Difficulty in quoting

You want to increase the success rate of the quotes that you send and make them more visually appealing.

Increased demand

The demand for your products is growing, and you need a scalable way to provide accurate quotes faster.

Unnecessary errors

You’re noticing a lot of errors in the sales to manufacturing hand-off process that can be avoided.

The solution: CPQ for Salesforce

KBMax CPQ for Salesforce

This is why you do Salesforce Revenue Cloud + Epicor CPQ

Enable your sales reps or end customer to see a visual representation of a product with the options and features they have selected. Once they configure it to their liking, CAD drawings and bill of materials are automatically generated so your manufacturing team can build the product right away.

105% increase in deal size
40% increase in conversion rate
26% increase in reps achieving quota
$2.9 million in reduced errors

How Epicor CPQ works

Step 1


Product configurators are built using our simple admin experience. Setup simple to complex product attributes and logic to enforce proper configuration of products, dynamic pricing, workflows, integrations, and more.

Step 2


Your end customer or sales reps configures your product, receiving real-time visual feedback and pricing while they customize. Ensure confidence and error-free ordering as sales are guided, following your defined selling and manufacturing rules.

Step 3


Automate add-on orders, price them and quickly generate proposals, contracts, and renewals. Then seamlessly integrate your invoicing, collections, taxes, and reporting.

Step 4


80% of orders are entered without the aid of engineering. CAD drawings and other dynamic outputs are automatically created to aid in the manufacturing process.

“Development is fun using their Snap rule engine and easy to learn. We were able to build configurators quickly.”

Johns Manville

The Epicor CPQ buyer experience

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Powerful features to complete your CPQ for Salesforce vision

Salesforce CPQ
Salesforce CPQ
Salesforce CPQ

Visualize products in dynamic 2D and 3D

Introduce engineer to order (ETO) automation

Reach more buyers with website embedding

Connect to Salesforce and so much more

“Before Epicor CPQ, our sales team would create quotes that didn’t reflect accurate pricing or engineering rules. They needed to submit them to the engineering team multiple times with multiple reworks until they were correct.”

Merck Millipore

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