KBMax & Salesforce Customers

Salesforce and KBMax customers 

Join the trailblazing companies gaining a competitive advantage using Salesforce Revenue Cloud + KBMax

Tuff Shed
Johns Manville

Customer spotlight

Tuff Shed

The Challenges

Tuff Shed lacked shelter with their existing solution

Salesforce CPQ and KBMax CPQ

Tuff Shed’s engineering and production departments were inundated

Their custom configurator wasn’t “smart”

The Solution

With Salesforce Revenue Cloud + KBMax, Tuff Shed is top to bottom a different business

“KBMax + Salesforce CPQ has truly been a game changer for us.”
Moriah Hillbrand  //  Business Analyst
Tuff Shed

Taking the weight off manufacturing

Closing more deals, faster

A truly connected organization

The Results

Sales and margin impact
6% increase in ASP (Average Sale Price)
$7.6 million in sales increases
25% reduction in retail discounts
$875,000 margin savings
Installation accuracy
Reduced errors on job sites
$2.9 million estimated soft cost
Hard cost savings
500,000 fewer phone calls / staff reduction of 20
$800,000 payroll savings
Automated order entry
$105,000 payroll savings
Reduction in bad debt and credit card fees
$300,000 savings
Decreased material usage rate by 1%
$1.1 million in material cost savings

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