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KBMax & Salesforce Revenue Cloud Features

The leading end-to-end solution.

The most easy-to-use solution to visually configure, price, quote and manufacture highly-configurable products. Salesforce Revenue Cloud

We get your pain.

Industries that manufacture highly customizable tangible products, such as automotive, apparel, medical devices, home building and furniture manufacturing often experience these pains:

KBMax & Salesforce Revenue Cloud Features For Product Complexity

Product Complexity

Your products have many variations or options and other CPQ solutions can’t handle the complex product rules

KBMax & Salesforce Revenue Cloud Features Saves Sales Time

Long Sales Cycle

You need a solution that cuts down on the time your sales team spends putting together accurate quotes with back-and-forth with your engineering team

KBMax & Salesforce Revenue Cloud Features Makes Training Easy

Team Growth

Your sales team has grown, and increasingly harder to keep them trained on your various products, pricing and manufacturing capabilities

Difficulty in Quoting

You want to increase the success rate of the quotes that you send and make them more visually appealing

Increased Demand

The demand for your products is growing, and you need a scalable way to provide accurate quotes faster

Unnecessary Errors

You’re noticing a lot of errors in the sales to manufacturing hand-off process that can be avoided

This is why you do Salesforce Revenue Cloud + KBMax.

Enable your sales reps or end customer to see a visual representation of a product with the options and features they have selected. Once they configure it to their liking, CAD drawings and bill of materials are automatically generated so your manufacturing team can build the product right away.

KBMax & Salesforce CPQ Features With Powerful Solutions

Salesforce Revenue Cloud features in blue / KBMax features in orange

Salesforce Revenue Cloud + KBMax empower companies to digitally transform for Industry 4.0.

The "Super C" for Salesforce Revenue Cloud transforms sales and engineering processes to deliver customer success.

168% increase

in sales

38% faster

sales cycle

35% increase

in production

How it works.



Product rules are created using Snap. Rules will enforce proper configuration of products.



Your end customer or sales reps can configure your product based no the rules that were set up in Snap. Anything that is configured can be manufactured with virtually zero errors.



Automate add-on orders, price them and quickly generate proposals, contracts, and renewals. Then seamlessly integrate your invoicing, collections, taxes, and reporting.



80% of orders are entered without the aid of engineering. CAD drawings are automatically created to start the manufacturing process.

The KBMax User Experience

Want to get a taste for the KBMax user experience? Just watch these short, one minute tours.

Custom Doors Product Configurator – Integrated with Salesforce

High Tech Products Demonstration – Integrated with Salesforce

Modular Building Configuration – Integrated with Salesforce

KBMax is the "Super C" for Salesforce Revenue Cloud.

The “Super C” is an enhanced configurator that can easily handle complex product rules. It’s powered by Snap, KBMax’s robust rules engine. Based on open source technology like MIT Scratch and Google Blockly, Snap is a visual system of logic blocks, functions, and queries that make powerful programming easy.

The “Super C” is an enhanced configurator that can easily handle complex product rules. It also enables you to directly access your product data through a database or web services layer for a Single Source of Truth.

Snap was developed for three reasons:

  1. Provide a simple way for non-programmers to program and configure product logic
  2. Become the most robust rules engine on the market
  3. Ensure a single source of truth for your organization’s product data and pricing

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KBMax is a Salesforce partner, providing the “Super C” for CPQ.

KBMax and Salesforce helped this manufacturer shine light on a better business.


"We evaluated many solutions and KBMax was the most robust and easy to set up. It empowers our sales and dealers to showcase our wide range of products."

Andreas Dankelman
Vice President Operations
3D visualization

50 Sales reps & 300 dealers

Automating CAD in SolidWorks

Integrated with Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Loved by 10,000+ customers globally

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Learn about the other powerful capabilities that extend the user experience of Salesforce Revenue Cloud and KBMax.

Add visualization, CAD automation, and website embedding to drive a more powerful buying experience.


Deliver dynamic 2D or 3D product visualization

ETO Automation

Automatically generate CAD drawings and BOMs

Website Embed

Allow your customers to configure, price and quote on your website

Learn more about KBMax.