B2B2C for Manufacturing

Sell more. Manufacture faster.

Wouldn't it be great if you could: sell any product simply and seamlessly no matter its complexity; provide a visual customer experience which boosts conversion rates by 40%; and run your business more efficiently by removing bottlenecks and breaking down silos between sales, operations, and engineering? Well, with KBMax, you can.

The Challenges

You’ve hit a customer acquisition “wall,” and you’re ready to try something a little bit different.

You want to acquire a large volume of customers at a remarkably low per-customer acquisition cost. Who doesn’t? You’ve got a B2B eCommerce website, or you’re about to build one, but you know you’ll never reach every potential customer through search alone.

You’re wholesaling your products through several retailers in a traditional channel partnership setup. Still, you want to communicate with your customers more directly and promote your brand without necessarily going direct-to-consumer.

The Solution

Tap into the customer base of another business to acquire a large volume of customers and sell more units.

With B2B2C, you can directly access end customers through a second business, interacting with them under your own brand. That’s the arrangement KBMax customer, Tuff Shed, has with Home Depot. And it works a treat. They’ve positioned devices running their product configurator inside Home Depot stores so that end customers can configure Tuff Shed products to their exact requirements and make an instant purchase.

With B2B2C, you can acquire a large volume of customers in bulk, achieve economies of scale by selling more units overall, reach people who only ever shop in-store, and gain a level of credibility by partnering with other respected brands. Best of all, you retain the data generated from every transaction without getting your hands dirty.

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KBMax allows companies to control their B2B2C sales model.

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