B2B eCommerce for Manufacturing

Sell more. Manufacture faster.

Wouldn't it be great if you could: sell any product simply and seamlessly no matter its complexity; provide a visual customer experience which boosts conversion rates by 40%; and run your business more efficiently by removing bottlenecks and breaking down silos between sales, operations, and engineering? Well, with KBMax, you can.

The Challenges

The B2B buyer has changed, and you’re no longer meeting their needs.

Today’s B2B buyer uses services like Amazon and Netflix in their personal lives and they’re demanding the same personalized, consumer-like experiences when they go to work. You’re a high-touch business built on hands-on customer relationships, but relationship selling is dying, and all of your competitors are focusing their efforts online.

US B2B eCommerce sales were forecasted to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023, accounting for 17% of all B2B revenue. But, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, when face-to-face meetings and business travel start to feel like distant memories, such predictions are likely to be a huge underestimate.

The Solution

Serve up a consumer-like buying experience for all customers, regardless of product complexity.

With B2B eCommerce, you can massively increase the size of your total addressable market and slash acquisition costs by reaching a global pool of potential buyers through on-line search. You can provide a consumer-like experience to today’s buyer who prefers to define their needs independently before engaging with a sales rep.

By embedding a visual product configurator on your website, visitors can independently “build” and buy the most complex, customizable, engineer-to-order products without the need for sales or engineering input. They can interact with 3D representations of your products in real-time, adding or removing parts, changing colors and dimensions, and upgrading features. It’s a fully immersive experience.

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Product variation compounded by the complexity of multiple pricing models can create confusion and inefficiency among your organization’s engineering, manufacturing, and sales teams. In this four-part guide, we’ll uncover how to address challenges like these in your sales to manufacturing processes by using CPQ software.

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