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Complex Configuration for Manufacturing

Sell more. Manufacture faster.

Wouldn't it be great if you could: sell any product simply and seamlessly no matter its complexity; provide a visual customer experience which boosts conversion rates by 40%; and run your business more efficiently by removing bottlenecks and breaking down silos between sales, operations, and engineering? Well, with KBMax, you can.

The Challenges

Sales reps are struggling to cope with your complicated product catalog and complex assembly rules.

Sales reps are configuring and quoting technically non-viable products, exacerbating engineering bottlenecks, and piling further pressure on an already-stretched engineering department.

Configuration mistakes are causing delays, returns, and chargebacks. And your increasingly dissatisfied customers are starting to wonder whether they’ll receive a more streamlined buying experience from one of your competitors.

The Solution

A product configurator automates the configuration and customization of the most complex engineer-to-order products.

Sales reps can quickly and easily narrow down vast and highly technical product catalogs into carefully optimized customer-specific selections. And if you embed your product configurator into your website, your end customer can do it for themselves.

Human error is eliminated, the sales process is shortened, and order values increase. How? It’s all the work of CPQ product rules – the little bits of logic that govern how your products are configured and manufactured, ensuring every product is optimized from a technical and profitability standpoint.

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