What is 4IR?

What is the 4th Industrial Revolution and are you ready for it? 

Companies are tapping in to converging technologies to accelerate business growth and keep from getting left behind

The fourth industrial revolution: An epic shift in connectivity

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)?
4IR investments continue to rise,
totaling $646 billion from 2012-2018
Source: https://www.pwc.com/us/en/library/4ir-ready.html

Result of 4IR: Customers are demanding more

Technology is raising expectations:
75% of customers expect a better experience
Source: State of the Connected Customer Report, Third Edition | Salesforce Research

It’s about setting the pace, not keeping up

“NI can now digitally transform the test and measurement industry by coupling its rich software heritage with KBMax [Epicor CPQ] innovative cloud capabilities to help customers rapidly create what’s next.”


There will be winners…and losers

These digital and organizational transformations towards a 4IR future may seem impossible or out of reach to many companies, but the risk and cost of not transforming are greater.

Companies that modernize, flourish.

“We already see developments that will change the manufacturing industry through 2023 — for example, uniform physical goods that are transformed into unique digital items through the use of information technology — so the time to act is now.”

Organizations that don’t evolve are at risk.

“Organisations that get too comfortable with the status quo are at major risk of disruption…If you’re not asking questions about how your organisation is navigating and plugging into disruption, forming new ecosystems, and tapping into open markets, then your organisation is at risk.”

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