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Oracle CPQ Cloud Replaced With KBMax

KBMax provides an end-to-end solution.

Companies are replacing Oracle CPQ Cloud with KBMax to take CPQ to the next level with rules-driven product configuration and downstream manufacturing automation.

Drive better customer experiences and a more connected organization.

Oracle CPQ Cloud customers that sell highly configurable products are missing out on a more immersive and visual sales experience that is also connected to your manufacturing processes.

How is KBMax different?

We bring B2B2C alive with immersive experiences for customers that also accelerate sales, engineering, and manufacturing.

Oracle CPQ Cloud
Rules-driven configuration boosts confidence in sales and manufacturing.

Snap is the robust rules engine at the core of the KBMax CPQ Platform, handling the “C” for Configuration of complex products along with full Pricing & Quoting capabilities. A rules-driven approach ensures simplicity in purchasing and proposals, as well as manufacturing because only supported configurations are sent down stream.

Snap handles product & pricing logic with visual blocks that provides simple access to outside tables/databases. Easy for non-programmers, but Turing complete for serious developers.

Oracle CPQ
Configure products visually with immediate feedback to buyers.

Product visualization provides a tremendous competitive advantage, helping campanies and their products stand out and to sell more, faster.

KBMax’s 2D and 3D visual configurations allows users to simply to guide the configuration process where dynamic updates to sizes, colors, components, features, and pricing provide a real-time product tour experience.

Directly embed product configurators on websites for easy access by customers, sales people, or distributors.

Replace Oracle CPQ Cloud
Close the loop with connected customers, sales, and manufacturing.

Product sales and manufacturing lifecyles often requires complex quotes with mutliple revisions, engineering drawings, BOMs, and cut sheets. These manual processes can take weeks. KBMax works as virtual sales and engineering for your company that dynamically generates these important assets, significantly decreasing time and effort for sales people, engineers, manufacturing, and operations.

  • Auto-generate CAD models and sales drawings based on the options selected by the customer or sales rep
  • Generate BOMs (Bills of Manufacture) from a configured product
  • Cut sheets are automatically created and sent to manufacturing for quick and accurate production
  • Pass order data directly into CRM, ERP, PLM or other business systems
  • KBMax supports popular CAD plarforms and supports bottoms up, top-down, and nesting methodologies to generate accurate CAD models and drawings quickly

NOV revolutionized their engineering processes.

"KBMax created an end-to-end design engineering workflow automation for NOV, a multinational drilling company based in Houston, TX. NOV needed to improve their Engineering-to-Order process for oil and gas drill pipes."

National Oilwell Varco

Reduced engineering cost by 50%

Automating Solidworks CAD drawings

CAD drawings now take minutes instead of days

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