KBMax Pricing

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KBMax Standard Edition Pricing

Pricing for Advanced Configurator, Snap Rules Engine, Full Admin, 2D Visualization and Unlimited Usage. FYI you need the Standard Edition to get the Add-Ons & Extensions.


per user/month | minimum of 25 users | billed annually

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KBMax Add-Ons & Extensions


Deliver dynamic 3D visualization

Website Embed

Customers directly interact with KBMax on your website

CAD Automation

Automatically generate CAD drawings and BOMs

Enterprise Integration

Integrate and manage your data from any of your business systems like your CRM and ERP

Features of KBMax


- Included          - Additional Cost

KBMax 2D-3D Visual Configurations
Quickly configure complex products.

Product Configurator

Full Administration of CPQ

Product Catalog

Pricing Rules

Rules Engine

Quote Generation


KBMax Quoting Software For A Great Buying Experience
Deliver an awesome buying experience.

Website Embed


Real-Time Pricing

Instant Quote Generation

eCommerce Integration


KBMax Quoting Software Reduces Errors
Reduce errors.

CRM Integration

ERP Integration

Workflow Engine

Product Rules

Pricing Rules

CAD Automation

What Is CPQ Software And How it Configures
Unify sales and manufacturing processes.

CAD Automation

Bills of Materials

Cut Sheets

Workflow Engine

CPQ Value Calculator

KBMax CPQ Value Calculator

Learn the value of deploying KBMax CPQ in your company. Use our calculator to see anticipated outcomes for your company based on your own data, in real-time. Then, grab download a fully customized report – all based on internal and external research, deep industry experience, and the benchmarking of real KBMax customer results.

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