Why B2B Sellers Need 3D Visualization

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The B2B market is quickly evolving to have a more B2C-like buying experience. With sales projected to reach $6.6 trillion in 2020, B2B sellers should be taking full advantage of 3D eCommerce with visual configurators to achieve maximum sales opportunities.

In a recent Q&A session with Digital Journal, Kris Goldhair of KBMax shares:

“B2B companies are notoriously not user-friendly with their websites and we see these problems all the time. Have a user experience that feels more B2C and presents products in a very visual and engaging way where you’re not putting up a wall to product info and data.”

Customize an excavator in 3D

Use an actual KBMax 3D product configurator to change options, colors, and view and step inside the machine

As customer expectations continue to evolve, adapting B2B sales tactics to mirror those of B2C brands will help B2B and B2B2C companies keep up. Improving the user experience with the help of visual configuration allows customers to move through the B2B buying process in a way that feels familiar.

“Traditionally, B2B companies have shied away from giving out product information until prospective customers give their contact information. But in the present day, people want to research products on their own and experience the product through something like visualization. This research phase is conducted before customers are ready to talk to a salesperson or give away contact information. B2B brands need to adapt their sales processes to account for customers’ changing preferences.”

So how important is an interactive buying process? In the world of B2B ecommerce, the role of the seller has changed significantly. Customers are expecting an interactive process that allows them to move through the buying journey relatively independently. The salesperson’s job now is to act as a trusted advisor once the customer feels they have a grasp on the product.

Providing a 3D ecommerce experience will allow customers to get to know the product before entering the B2B sales pipeline.

Read the full interview with Kris Goldhair on Digital Journal

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