Simplifying Furniture Sales with Visual CPQ

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Ever wondered about consumer use cases for CPQ software? Epicor CPQ VP of Sales, Kevin Jackson, spoke with Anne Flynne Wear of Furniture Today to discuss the advantages of CPQ in the custom home furnishings industry.

Using CPQ technology, like Epicor CPQ, companies can effortlessly update their tech stacks to create mobile applications, implement configurators and attract new customers without disrupting day-to-day operations. Using our cloud-based technology allows companies to use a single platform for placing orders, generating computer-aided-design drawings (CAD automation) and creating a bill of materials to help manufacturers manage custom orders.

According to Jackson, “Our process allows companies to sell custom products like they were standard products.” He also shared another advantage of this software: companies can take a new product line to market in anywhere from a few weeks to under three months.

Epicor CPQ’s easy-to-implement software is a breeze if companies already have 3D content available. To integrate into the website just requires dragging and dropping into the software. Epicor CPQ can also work with customers to create 3D scans from the physical product if pre-existing content is not available.

Jackson shares more of the advantages of visual CPQ and 3D visualization in Furniture Today.

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