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IT Professionals Are Making the Case for Digital Transformation

IT decision-makers are honing in on digital transformation in 2020, transitioning their businesses into industry 4.0. KBMax Founder and CTO, Kevin Bennett, sat down with Digital Journal to discuss the importance of digital transformation as we enter a new decade and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

IT decision-makers are under constant pressure to improve cost, efficiency and quality all while staying ahead of the curve. The only way to make this happen is to continuously focus on 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) tech adoption with the future in mind. IT decision-makers need to act quickly, gather facts, convince CTOs and implement next-gen tools. According to Bennett, this is the key to survival over the next ten years.

“Digital Transformation is extremely important for businesses as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Today, manufacturers are faced with a new slew of challenges, but many hesitate to pursue digital transformation and opt for a more traditional approach characterized by paper-laden processes and siloed operations. Failure to adapt can put these companies at a great disadvantage, compared to those that fully embrace CPQ, product visualization and other technologies shaping the future of manufacturing. Eventually, it will become nearly impossible for non-adapters to compete in the marketplace.”

Kevin Bennett
Founder and CTO of KBMax

To find out more about the urgency of digital transformation as we enter the new decade, read Bennett’s full discussion with the Digital Journal and their reporter, Tim Sandle.

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