Experts Share Tips on Making Manufacturers More Agile

Insight on how manufacturers can tackle some of the challenges associated with embedding new technologies into a manufacturing enterprise.

How can technology make an impact on a manufacturer’s ability to be agile?  In a recent round-up of expert opinions, the topic was just that. Our own Strategic Account Director and Co-Founder of KBMax, Kris Goldhair, contributed to the round-up. He explains how CPQ could play a huge part in creating agile manufacturing processes.  His thoughts:

“There are amazing new technologies, such as augmented reality and visual configure, price, quote software (or CPQ) that are hitting the market all at once. These advanced technologies let companies streamline sales and engineering processes to sell and build more, faster. By simplifying processes, sellers can satisfy their customers in a new way by providing a fast and awesome buying experience.”

Visual CPQ allows manufacturers to offer mass customization to their enterprise customers in an automated way. Enterprises have the ability to embed automated quoting and visualizations on their websites and sell customized products directly to consumers, significantly cutting down the sales cycle and decreasing production errors.

CPQ wasn’t the only topic approached in the round-up.  Experts from Tempo Automation, 3D Hubs, and Formlabs shared their thoughts on how technology is shaping manufacturing processes.  Other technologies shared that contribute to creating more agile manufacturing processes included:

  • 3D printing technologies’ impact on scaling mass customization and decreasing production times.
  • Smart factories and IoT networked devices’ impact on creating more seamless communications and processes for manufacturers.
  • AI-powered automation in global supply chain management and its impact on maximizing efficiencies in production.

Technology is creating a proactive wave of change towards automation and, ultimately, this is not just great news for consumers and their buying experiences. It is also essential for manufacturing operations and profitability.

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