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KBMax To Go

A rapid-deploy solution to get your sales running online now, despite the shifting economic landscape.

How are you adjusting to the changing sales climate?

Is your business struggling to get products out the door quickly? Having trouble kick-starting sales conversations or getting details in front of your customers to close deals?

It is an essential time to solidify an alternate go-to-market strategy.

The way we are doing business as a society is in flux. In this unprecedented time, many business are finding it essential to alter their strategy and processes to ensure customers can access the supply chain.

Whether you are a parts distributor, a retailer with complex sales, or any other business impacted by this shift in normal commerce, we want to help you get your configurable products in front of your customer.

If there was ever a time to enhance your sales – that time is now. Digital and configurable product ordering mitigates this market risk and many others you probably aren’t even thinking about.

None of us know exactly when we will get back to “business as usual.” What we do know is that we need to get back to business. We can help you do that now.

We can help you respond, now.

Introducing KBMax To Go:

A product configurator embedded on your website that can start generating quotes – and gets business moving.

KBMax and Integreyt have teamed up to spin up a turn-key solution to get your sales up and running QUICKLY during this COVID-19 epidemic. We are repacking and deploying our cloud-based configurator in a simplified way to solve a short-term problem for companies like yours.
The aim of KBMax To Go is to get up and running fast. It is not meant to completely replace a full KBMax solution. Get back in touch with your contacts and clients sooner, selling your most essential products. A full, and highly functional version is always available and can be achieved when the time is right.

Ready to request a free 90-day trial?

What You Will Get

  • Free software for 90 days
  • 5 Internal User Licenses of KBMax
  • 1,250 configurator interactions per month for your website
  • Documentation and support to get deployed and running

Deploying KBMax To Go

Team up with our implementation partner, Integreyt, who is offering a low-cost deployment package to get you up and selling in as little as three weeks:

  • You provide your products and product details
  • Meet to discuss and agree on requirements & scope
  • Within two to three weeks, you have a working configurator on your website, supporting your sales team


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