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What's New at KBMax

What’s New at KBMax

It’s an online world, now more than ever. And here you are, slaying it with your customers.

To keep you at the front of the pack, KBMax is always rolling out new and exciting features for you to build better customer experiences and more efficient manufacturing practices for your business.

KBMax Channels

KBMax Channels help you manage groups of users – such as resellers, distributors, and other sales partners – and what they see, so they can focus on helping you sell the right products to the right customers.

KBMax Layouts

KBMax now allows your products to be shown and configured with a new level of flexibility. Read our blog which introduces you to the new Layouts feature, and gives you some examples.

Drag & Drop

KBMax now allows for drag and drop functionality - allowing a user to drag in 2D or 3D elements to build or add to a configuration. Learn how it's done.

Integration with Salesforce Community Cloud

Deliver catered buying experiences based on your Salesforce Communities. Deploy KBMax configurators with varied sets of access permissions, pricing rules, themes, and more.

Already a customer? Get detailed documentation.

The KBMax Wiki contains full documentation to help you:

  • Build advanced CPQ rules with Snap
  • Develop immersive product visualizations
  • Create integrations, automation, and workflows
  • Embed configurators on websites
  • So much more…
Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ)

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