CPQ ROI Calculator

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Our ROI calculator will illustrate the tangible value that KBMax CPQ will provide across your organization.
What Is CPQ Software And How it Quotes

CPQ ROI Calculator

How can CPQ help your company?

Below is an actual KBMax product configurator, backed by our Snap rules engine, that provides you with the ROI of deploying KBMax CPQ in your company. The assumptions and calculations driving the output are based on our internal and external research, deep industry experience, and the benchmarking of real KBMax customer results.


  1. Adjust the default values in the form to reflect a given year in your company
  2. The graph and values will update real-time based on your choices
  3. Coming Soon: We will be providing in-depth reports explaining the calculations, assumptions, and examples

KBMax drives value through the entire organization.

Create a common communication platform for the customer, sales, and engineering and eliminate the painful napkin sketches, non-standardized pricing, and slow deal cycles when selling your manufactured goods.

Boost Sales with an Immersive Sales Experience

Drive higher sales volumes at greater profitability with fewer errors and a higher per-deal-value. With rules-driven configuration, buyers get a product that is built exactly how they want.

Reduce the Load on the Engineering Team

Enable Sales to quickly generate their own quote drawings for buyer review without the help of Engineering. Auto-generate real CAD outputs that your Engineering team can run with to validate, or further customize the configuration for the customer.

Control Production with Accuracy and Automation

With rules-based control, the selections during product configuration by non-technical resources are assured to be accurate and provides confidence that it can actually be built by Manufacturing.

A Real-World Example of KBMax ROI

Talk about ROI...Tuff Shed increased their sales revenue by $7.6M in their first year using KBMax.

“We’re able to visually present our products and then quickly manufacture them in a way we’ve never been able to in the past.”

Moriah Hillbrand
Business Analyst at Tuff Shed

Tuff Shed's Financial & Operational Outcomes

Sales & Margin Impact:

6% increase in ASP (Average Sales Price)$7.6 million in sales increases
25% reduction in retail discounts$875,000 margin savings

Installation Accuracy:

Reduced errors on job sites$2.9 million estimated soft cost

Hard Cost Savings:

500,000 fewer phone calls, staff reduction of 20$800,000 payroll savings
Automated order entry$105,000 payroll savings
Reduction in bad debt and credit card fees$300,000 savings
Decreased material usage rate of 1%$1.1 million material cost savings

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