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Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

How KBMax works.

KBMax’s CPQ software makes it easy for your company to scale your sales, engineering, and manufacturing processes to grow your business faster.

KBMax provides an end-to-end configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solution that simplifies your sales and manufacturing process.

  1. Fast, dynamic 2D and 3D product configurators for sales teams, distributors, and website visitors
  2. Easy-to-use and powerful rules engine with automation of CAD drawings, proposals, cut sheets, BOMs, and more
  3. Robust integration platform that easily connects your key systems to connect customers, to sales teams, to the shop floor

Let's go step by step.

Step 1:
Set up the CPQ rules to run your new, improved business process.

The CPQ rules engine spans the entire lifecycle of the sales and manufacturing process:

  •  Simple-to-program visual product configurator logic drives available products, options, and pricing
  •  Ingest engineering’s CAD drawings to automatically generate 2D or 3D models for the configurator
  •  Easily compose complex workflows, document generation rules, and integrations that will run the end-to-end process

KBMax Tech in Use:

Step 2:
Allow buyers to configure and price products visually in real-time.
  •  Sales people, partners, distributors, and website visitors can all use different versions of the same visual configurator
  •  Stunning and quick 2D and 3D experience provides immediate visual updates and pricing
  •  Website embedding allows for eCommerce-like capabilities for even the most complex products

KBMax Tech in Use:

Step 3:
Auto-generate quotes, orders, and drawings for order approval and to aid downstream systems.
  •  Product configurations are pushed to CRM for edits, approval, or close by sales, or even direct ordering by end-customers
  •  CAD drawings are generated and attached to CRM estimates for easy customer approvals, change management, and manufacturing
  •  Order flow-through to ERP and PLM systems can automate invoicing, orders, discounts, taxes, inventory, and manufacturing updates

KBMax Tech in Use:

Step 4:
Send order details downstream to your production team on the shop floor.
  •  Automated CAD drawings free up engineering resources while the manufacturing floor can see exactly what they need to build
  •  Generating documents like Bills of Manufacture (BOMs), cut sheets, and CAD renderings guide effortless parts picking and assembly
  •  Rules-driven configuration ensures that only valid configurations are sent to production reducing back-and-forth with sales or customers

KBMax Tech in Use:

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Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

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