Configurateur de produit visuel 3D à fort impact

Comment CMTP cut citant time from days à minutes avec Épicor CPQ 

“Just getting away from the spreadsheets has been fantastic!”

Joshua Martin // Digital Projects Lead at CMTP
About CMTP

CMTP is a specialist packaging company based in Victoria, Australia. Known for innovation, quality, and speed in the packaging industry, the company has a rich legacy spanning almost half a century.

It all started with company Director Chris Meade crafting timber bins in his backyard. From modest roots, CMTP has grown, now boasting 11 state-of-the-art manufacturing sites, with even more expansion on the horizon.

Deeply rooted in family values, this proudly Australian-owned venture is backed by a down-to-earth, dedicated team finely tuned to its clients' diverse needs. Its products range from customizable pallets to wooden cases, corrugated cardboard boxes, and specialized corrosion protection packaging, all designed and manufactured with precision and sustainability in mind.

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Les défis

Manual Processes and Operational Inefficiencies

Conception et configuration

Hausse des coûts de construction

La solution

“Epicor CPQ is so simple to use… You start at the top, work your way down, add what you want, and download the quote.”
Joshua Martin  //  Digital Projects Lead

Automating with Epicor CPQ


Achieving Time and Efficiency Win

CMTP has experienced tangible and impactful results from implementing Epicor CPQ. Most notably, the quoting time has been dramatically reduced from two days to just 5-10 minutes. This swift turnaround means CMTP can deliver quotes and technical drawings to customers at an unprecedented speed–without increasing pressure on their team.

“It’s taken a quoting process that might have a turnaround of two days into something that now takes five, 10 minutes max. So that’s a massive, massive difference.”

Here are some of the other benefits CMTP has experienced:

Centralized quoting system

CMTP now has a unified pricing and quoting system that harmonizes operations across all sites. This change has eliminated inconsistencies, ensuring a streamlined approach.

Rapid quoting time

With the automation of Epicor CPQ, the time to generate quotes has drastically reduced. Complete with CAD drawings, comprehensive quotes are now produced within minutes.

Automatic cost updates

Gone are the days of laborious data entry. Epicor CPQ auto-fetches material costs from the ERP, resulting in an up-to-date and error-free quoting system.

CAD automation with Solidworks

Integrating Epicor CPQ with Solidworks means CAD files are automatically generated for every quote, eliminating manual intervention and accelerating the overall sales cycle.

Robust ERP integration

Once quotes are finalized, data flows seamlessly into the ERP system and then to the factory floor. This digital thread ensures a rapid transition from order to production and guarantees data integrity.

No-code flexibility

CMTP staff can create rules guiding the configuration and quoting process with the no-code Snap rules engine. The absence of code makes logic transparent and readable for leadership.

Empowering New Team Members

The visual tools in Epicor CPQ and Snap have helped new employees adapt quickly. The short learning curve has supported greater productivity and satisfaction across teams.

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