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KBMax & Salesforce Features, A Powerful CPQ System

Deliver the best customer experience imaginable.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Connect your customers to the front and back office.

Allow customers to configure products visually, right from your website. Automate downstream processes to reduce cycle time and errors.

Engage buyers with dynamic product visualization.

Allow customers, dealers, or inside sales to configure products themselves, changing product options in real-time. Interact directly with the 2D/3D image like opening a door, animating machinery movements, or “flying” the user into the interior of a vehicle. Change colors, dimensions, perspectives, options, and more in a simple-to-use, visual interface that takes no training to use.

Embed configurators on your website.

B2B companies struggle with the core business of getting products in front of their customers for consideration and purchase. KBMax is the only solution that allows you to embed configurators on any website for lead generation into Salesforce or eCommerce.

Save time with ETO automation.

Configured products often require engineering drawings before sales can provide effective quotes. The manufacturing process is riddled with complex, manually-generated documents worsened with delayed and error-prone communications.

Reduce this bottleneck with ETO automation – generating CAD for customers and internal use, as well as BOMs, cut-sheets, and other documents that deliver speed and accuracy to manufacturing processes. We support bottoms up, top-down, and nesting methodologies to generate fast CAD models and drawings.

KBMax + Salesforce CPQ Add-Ons
KBMax + Salesforce CPQ Add-Ons
KBMax + Salesforce CPQ Add-Ons

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