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Xenith Transforms the Way They Sell to Meet Their Buyers Wherever They Are

Xenith is transforming the game.

Xenith creates top-rated football helmets, non-tackle headgear, equipment and apparel designed to elevate the athlete’s pursuit. Their athlete-first design approach is backed by rigorous science, engineering and innovation which transcends laboratory testing to address on-field needs. Xenith outfits the athlete from head to ankle in a suite of performance products for playing, training and living.

The Challenges

The industry was stagnant.

The protective gear industry, in general, hasn’t digitally transformed their sales processes. It still involves sales reps coordinating in-person meetings and offering no ability for customers to buy online. Xenith saw this as an opportunity. If they could meet their customer’s needs, wherever they are, they could leap ahead of their large competitors. In order to do this, their Digital Innovation team knew that they had to sell to their customers in a completely new way.

They needed more focused visitors.

Xenith wanted to create an awesome customer experience, having previously deployed an early version of a 3D product visualizer from ThreeKit to sell their football helmets. The problems began as web visitors seemed to get off-track quickly, playing with the widget instead of converting to a sale. The 3D helmet wasn’t easy to reposition, and the mobile experience was frustrating. They also couldn’t maintain or update the solution internally. Xenith knew they needed a more flexible and maintainable visual CPQ solution.

COVID-19 further complicated matters.

The company’s sales reps couldn’t meet with coaches and teams in locker rooms anymore, to show them components, material, pricing, and options. They needed to effectively and easily sell their helmets digitally. How could Xenith capitalize on this hidden opportunity to drive a more eCommerce-centered sales model for their helmets as well as their entire catalog?

“People are buying in new ways. We want to meet their needs, wherever they are.”

Jonathon Pop, Xenith Director of Digital & Technology

The Solution

“We thoroughly evaluated multiple vendors in the CPQ space and chose to partner with KBMax to transform our selling process with their visual, maintainable and robust configurator.”

Jonathon Pop, Xenith Director of Digital & Technology

More Simple, Accessible and Flexible

The first order of business was to fix the experience where visitors configure and buy helmets from the Xenith website. KBMax stripped away the usability hurdles of the previous configurator. Xenith had a clear goal in mind: Make it fast and easy for a visitor to design a helmet and to keep them engaged through the buying process. KBMax answered with a performant helmet configurator that shows buyers dynamic pricing with clear breakdowns of add-ons, that works on any device.

Another reason why they selected KBMax is the ability to maintain the solution internally. KBMax SNAP allows Xenith to introduce new products and related rules easily, without the lag and expense of using outside third-parties. Their team can maintain and update the product configurator whenever they need to.

Expanded Direct and Online Sales Capabilities

Xenith is excited to expand their new sales strategy to other parts of their business: football apparel. They are enabling a sales rep, and even a team’s representative, to configure an entire team’s uniform.

KBMax provides a single interface where an internal sales rep, a team manager or a coach can remotely design and completely outfit an entire team with a new uniform. The team’s rep can easily share a link of what they designed with the other coaches, teams, and families, so they can all preview the uniforms before buying.

This is a game changer for Xenith that is allowing them to insulate themselves against the uncertainty of whether sales people will be able to engage coaches and team reps in-person at schools in coming months, due to COVID-19.

Integrated With the Core Business

In the background, Xenith is excited to be leveraging powerful aspects of KBMax’s CPQ platform to integrate with core aspects of their business:

  • KBMax REST web services and the Embed API provides seamless integration with Shopify and their website
  • The KBMax Snap Rules Engine completely replaced their existing CRM rule engine (which was lacking in basic logic, pricing, and promotion functionality)
  • There are plans to introduce KBMax in order to mark stock in Shopify, helping to automate inventory management
  • Additional plans to integrate KBMax CPQ with their Salesforce deployment

Game-Changing Results for Xenith

Xenith found themselves out ahead of their competition with a quick launch, tapping into new audiences and selling techniques with KBMax.

Reaching Their Target Markets
Xenith’s omnichannel solution allows them to engage their primary customers, as well as their secondary and tertiary customers in direct retail and used equipment sales.

Transforming How They Sell
This shift to digital selling drives greater customer engagement, leading to higher lead conversion rates.

Responding to All Visitors
KBMax Visualization with Layouts optimizes the interactions across mobile, to tablet, to desktop, ensuring a responsive, yet consistent and simple buying experience.

Strong, Early Results
The company is already generating ~15,000 transactions per month on the website.

Lightning Fast to Market
Xenith was up and running within three months of their project kick-off with KBMax.

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