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Visual Configurator

NanaWall Beats Product Complexity Constraints to Unlock Visual Sales

The founders delivered their first wood-framed, opening glass wall in 1986. Three years later, NanaWall Systems, Inc. was incorporated, with the mission of finding, creating and delivering an ever-broadening array of flexible design solutions. NanaWall combines precision engineering and outstanding design options across more than 20 unique operable glass wall systems, advancing design possibilities beyond the conventional for almost any space.

The Challenges:

Reduce Complexity of the Sale While Boosting Operations

“We have a very complicated product and KBMax's engineering team was able to grasp our requirements.”

Ebrahim Nana, President of NanaWall

Visual Configurator Software
Selling a Complex Product

NanaWall aimed to substantially increase the sales of one of their complex product lines that was very hard to explain to their customers. The depth of configurability of the products, along with a desire to provide a visual experience to break down these communication barriers, sent them on a quest to implement a visual selling solution.

NanaWall figured the best way to affect their bottom line would be to reinvent the sales process and simplify the customer experience. They needed to expose their products to customers directly, providing the ability to virtually self-serve and configure their own glass wall system, customize the related options, and then see it animate in 3D – right in front of them.

Visual Configuration
A Desire to Reduce Manual Touch

NanaWall wanted to improve and automate their design and solution process between their architects and designers. They didn’t operate from a centralized catalog of configurations, and hand-offs were required between sales and design teams to get an order put together.

In order to illustrate the product options for customers visually, the NanaWall team was toiling over custom videos for every combination of unit/layout for each system. This was a time-consuming effort to create and maintain these videos and were not directly tied to the sales experience.

The Visual Configurator Solution:

Visual Selling, Delivered Across All Channels

With KBMax, NanaWall was able to offer an immersive 3D buying channel with brains behind it. Advanced CPQ rules allow for math and logic to run in the background that guides the configuration experience.

There are multiple pre-defined layouts that sales people, designers, architects, and the end customer can choose from to build their wall system.

The CPQ rules engine knows that there are weight and length maximums, when to adjust the number of panels, or to disallow a particular configuration.

The wall systems are animated for users in 3D to show how their customized wall will operate.

Users can interact with individual openings to change and preview the swing direction, maximum swing, handle and material options, etc.

NanaWall can embed their product configurators directly into their website, allowing customers to interact with their products without the aid of a sales person.

Internal staff love it because the catalog and rules are all right there in KBMax where they can easily create their own quotes and drawings with minimal training.

“We are making it easier for our customers to configure several of our most customized products in a virtual and self-service way.”

Joe Rapolla, West Coast Sales Manager at NanaWall

The End-to-End Solution:

Enhancing the Entire NanaWall Business Process

“Beyond the visualization capabilities, KBMax has excellent integrations with Salesforce, AutoCAD, and Solidworks for lots of different output workflows.”

Joe Rapolla, West Coast Sales Manager at NanaWall

Visual Configurator for Salesforce
Integrated Teams, Systems, and Processes

NanaWall was able to take this entirely new way of doing business, and make it work alongside their existing sales and engineering platforms.

  • Their sales reps, designers and architects now all work from a centralized catalog of configurations to ensure consistency and repeatability.
  • The teams are connected through workflows and automations make scaling the business easier.
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud continues to be their customer system-of-record, and KBMax enhances that experience.
Visual Configurator
An Automated Design and Engineering Process
  • The rich product configuration data that is collected during the visual buying experience is output to XML
  • AutoCAD and SolidWorks pick up and use the XML to generate and assemble the models dynamically
  • CAD outputs are bundled up with the quote and pricing information from KBMax, and sent to Salesforce CRM as a quote object

This reduces loads of transactional CAD work for the NanaWall design teams and eliminates unnecessary human errors, since their engineering rules work in the back-end of the visual configurator.

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