Tuff Shed built their entire business on the Salesforce Epicor CPQ solution 

“We're able to visually present our products and then quickly manufacture them in a way we've never been able to in the past.”

Moriah Hillbrand // Business Analyst at Tuff Shed
Tuff Shed
About Tuff Shed

Tuff Shed creates more than just great sheds. They have been manufacturing sheds, garages, cabin shells, and custom structures since 1981. As they round the corner on completing their one millionth sale, they are transforming their operations with quote to cash. From engineering, to sales, to their channel, all the way to the end buyer - they had to re-invent themselves in order to continue their growth.

Industry: Modular Building
Headquartered: Denver, Colorado
Website: https://www.tuffshed.com

The challenges

Tuff Shed’s existing quote to cash solution provided no shelter

Salesforce CPQ

Manual workflows were hurting sales and production

Quote to cash

The Solution

The Epicor CPQ + Salesforce quote to cash solution

“This is a great tool for any company looking to dazzle their customers with a great and fun way to build a product.”
Erik Peterson  //  Salesforce Product Manager
Tuff Shed

Immediate sales conversations and conversions

A 3D experience for all buying channels

“From a production standpoint, KBMax [Epicor CPQ] allows us to be completely aligned as a company and confident in our product output. It has truly been a game changer for us.”
Moriah Hillbrand  //  Business Analyst
Tuff Shed

Engineering and manufacturing gained clarity and speed

Automating back office operations from quote to payment

Omnichannel sales

Every buying channel can self-serve, easily

How is Tuff Shed leveraging omni-channel selling?

The Benefits

Tuff Shed’s product configurators serve over 500 internal users, 2,000 Home Depot channel users, and 4,000+ daily website users

+$7.6 million in sales

6% boost in average sales price

$2.9 million saved in reduced job site errors

+$875,000 in margin due to 25% reduction in retail discounts

$1.1 million material cost savings

500,000 fewer sales phone calls

Get your very own high-impact 3D visual product configurator