KBMax Strikes Oil for Teledyne Marine

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Teledyne provides configurable Nautilus electrical & ODI optical equipment for the Subsea Oil & Gas industry. Customers can customize connector and hose assemblies to get exactly what they need.  This is great for the customer but was tough on Teledyne sales teams and distributors. KBMax helped them overcome these challenges by enabling dynamic configuration of products that contain thousands of options.

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“We are impressed with the value KBMax has brought to the RFQ and downstream processes. Our internal administrators are always making improvements."

Bernard Kwetkus
Director, Proposals and Inside Sales at Teledyne
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Teledyne Was Drowning In Inefficiency

No ability to excel with excel.

Teledyne saw major competitive advantages in providing a quick quote response time and the ability to take orders with undefined requirements. The existing quoting process required manual input into Microsoft Excel and considerable engineering review which was causing major issues. There could be numerous post-order revisions that required excessive communication between sales to the customer, and sales to engineering.

Pricing was inflexible.

Pricing could also be a major challenge. Teledyne offers frame agreements with its major customers that allow for individual pricing on various components. This meant salespeople had to utilize error-prone Excel files or perform calculations manually. It was increasingly difficult to release updated options into the Excel configurator and enable sales teams to know when and how to offer them.

Bernard Kwetkus, Director of Proposals and Inside Sales at Teledyne, knew something had to change.

“Our previous process was extremely inefficient. We had outgrown our excel configurator and needed to have an enterprise tool.”

The Solution

Simple and accessible product configuration with real-time quote information for sales and distributors.

Web-Enabled Configuration

Both inside sales and distributors can access KBMax over a web browser.  The options selected update the KBMax display image in real-time to help visualize their configured cable assembly. Validation rules trigger warnings and prompt to guide the user to preferred options. Pricing updates immediately and can be quickly calculated based on specific customer agreements.

Efficient and Accurate quotes

Teledyne uses the KBMax workflow engine to route approved and requires review quotes specific users to ensure faster quote to order time. Teledyne has internal admins that can quickly add new options into their KBMax instance. They can efficiently push out new product options and pricing to the global sales team.

The Benefits

The Teledyne team now has an enterprise CPQ tool that contains precise pricing and validation.

No more Excel Translation

There are no longer multiple Excel files flowing through engineering for translation. The quoting experience is faster and better. Sales can sit with prospective customers and show them real-time pricing and visuals with immediate documentation.

Focus on closing deals

The sales team has seen a significant rise in hit rates due to faster response and better proposal documentation, visuals, and drawings. They spend less time building quotes and more time prospecting and closing deals.

Engineering certainty

Engineering does not have to “fill in the blanks” on incomplete orders anymore. They either get valid configurations to build from or can approve custom requests before an order is approved.

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