High-Impact 3D Visual Product Configurator

Streamlined systems and processes deliver positive prognosis at Repligen 

“The ProConnex configurator by Epicor CPQ allowed us to systematize our engineering experience to generate customer specific products within minutes, not weeks.”

Daniel Spurgin // Senior Product Manager at Repligen
About Repligen

Repligen is a bioprocessing-focused life sciences company bringing expertise and innovation to its customers since 1981. The company inspires advances in bioprocessing through the development and commercialization of high-value products and flexible solutions that address critical steps in the production of biologic drugs. Repligen partnered with Epicor CPQ to create a scalable design platform to better manage growth and opportunities.

Explosive growth in biologics and gene therapies mandate changes in the way these life-saving therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics are developed and manufactured. Key trends point to flexible bioprocessing solutions, a paradigm shift to single-use, highly configurable technologies, and a premium on rapid response and delivery.

As an innovative bioprocessing tools provider, Repligen pioneered ProConnex® Flow Paths – configurable and complete assemblies that connect tangential flow filtration (TFF) systems to the bioprocessing workflow. The product involves custom engineering and assembly of up to 200 parts: fittings, connections, process reservoirs, pressure transducers, aseptic connectors, TFF filters, pumps, and stands. ProConnex® Flow Paths clearly answered the industry need for single-use assemblies with ready-to-operate convenience, and the demand for the product grew exponentially.

Industry: Biotech Single-Use-Systems
Headquartered: Waltham, Massachusetts
Website: https://www.repligen.com

The challenges

Accelerate the speed of engineering-driven designs

Design and configuration

Reduce time-to-quote

Salesforce CRM

Scale and prepare for future expansion

Automated & Flexible Configurator

The Solution

Integrated biotech sales and engineering automation

“We expected to create a more modern workflow for our commercial team. We didn’t expect to have a configurator that is also enjoyable to use.”
Daniel Spurgin  //  Senior Product Manager

Salespeople get control over their customer’s experience

Customers no longer wait

Dynamic pricing, for reps eyes only

A major load lifted from engineering

Allow sales to self-serve

Flexibly handling change

Repligen introduced an end-to-end solution

Better control now and in the future

They love the integration possibilities that Epicor CPQ provides

The Benefits

Empowered salespeople are delivering more accurate quotes, faster

Improved sales process

With minimal training, Sales can quote the customer with confidence in the accuracy, pricing, and outputs.

Less wait, less touch time

Reduced time and number of people involved in quoting means more quotes generated and less waiting for the customer.

Adoption projected to widen

With 50 users already, and growing, Repligen is looking to deploy in other use cases, product areas and business units.

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