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Merck Millipore Increases Their Quote Generation by 99% with KBMax

Leading Efficiency In The Life Science Space

Merck Millipore manufactures medical devices, technologies and services for scientists and engineers. They are dedicated to making research and biotech production simpler, faster and safer. Merck needed a platform that helped them achieve this more efficient manufacturing process.

Seven Product Lines and Thousands of Global Users

99% Increase

In Quoting

$4.5 Million

In Cost Savings

3 Weeks to 1 Hour

Decrease in Sales Cycle Time

"KBMax provided an innovative ETO product configurator that wasn’t available anywhere else. They delivered what we wanted, on time, on quality, and on budget."

Tom Roy
Senior Product Manager at Merck Millipore
CAD Automation

Transforming In a Changing Landscape

Merck Millipore was looking for a better way to manufacture efficiently in a growing market.

They were struggling with an eight week cycle time for sales to get valid quotes & drawings. They had an in-house tool that showed visuals but had no validation feature, resulting in numerous errors.

Tom Roy, Sr. Project Manager at Merck Millipore said, “Our sales team would create quotes that didn’t reflect accurate pricing or engineering rules. They needed to submit them to the engineering team multiple times with multiple reworks until they were correct.” At the time, this was how every ETO product was quoted and produced.

But in 2016, Tom and the team at Merck discovered a better way.

By using KBMax’s drag & drop controls and validation logic, their sales team could configure real-time visuals with accurate pricing and special requests for routing to their engineering team. Associated CAD configurations were then automatically created in SolidWorks, producing sales and production drawings for the engineering team. A process that took several weeks they could now do in a few minutes.

The Solution

Merck has significantly decreased the design time for its engineering team. They can now accurately generate CAD models or drawings of the configuration for ordering and manufacturing.

Sales & Engineering Processes Are Now Seamless

Merck reduced their quote cycle time from 8 weeks to 10 minutes with KBMax.

Sales & Engineering Processes Are Now Seamless

By using KBMax’s platform, the Merck team now has a single source of truth for their product rules for six product lines so that their sales and engineering teams can work more efficiently together. They have also integrated KBMax with Oracle ERP and Salesforce so that all of their systems work together seamlessly.

Faster Sales Requiring Less Engineering Support

They have reduced their quote cycle time from eight weeks to less than ten minutes, allowing their sales team to have more time to close more deals. They have also reduced their engineering touch time from days to less than thirty minutes, freeing their engineering team up to focus on their main responsibilities and innovation.

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