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KBMax Electrifies Design Recommendation Tool For MacLean Power Systems

The Power Behind a Competitive Advantage

MacLean Power Systems, a MacLean-Fogg Company, is a leading manufacturer of products used by utilities for building transmission and distribution lines and substations. MPS product families include hardware and connection products as well as insulation and protection products. With global raw material sourcing capabilities, MPS produces over 10,000 items in seven domestic production facilities.

"MacLean Real-Time Design™ will be an essential tool in providing foundation and anchor solutions for our customers. The KBMax configuration software is taking our design recommendation tools to the next level."

MPS Anchor Engineering

Maclean Provides a New Way to Envision Products

Elevating the experience for MacLean Power Systems Customers

“This tool is used to help improve, automate, streamline and simplify our product offerings.”

Jenny Bulanadi, Business Analyst at Maclean Power Systems

MacLean Power Systems introduced their MacLean Real-Time DesignTM online helical anchor/pile recommendation tool. The user-friendly interface, powered by KBMax, allows customers to select the right product for their project foundation solution. With this configurator, a product recommendation can now be developed in mere minutes.

KBMax Snap Allows for Simple Maintenance

“It allows non-developers the ability to create a configurator product. The Snap blocks make it easy to setup and understand. It was made so you don’t always need heavy IT resources and it can easily be maintained by the business users.”

Jenny Bulanadi, Business Analyst at Maclean Power Systems

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