Custom Quoting with Epicor CPQ

Framing the Future: How FHC Revolutionized Custom Quoting with Epicor CPQ 

“Processing large quotes and entering them into the system used to take 1-2 hours. Using CPQ, we can now complete the same task in just 10-15 minutes at most… automatically connects to our systems—no manual input.”

Jesse Dorado // Technical Sales at FHC at FHC
About FHC

Frameless Hardware Company (FHC) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom glass and glazing products, serving the architectural glass, glazing, and fenestration industries. Their product lineup includes hinges, pulls, clamps, sealants, and components for frameless shower doors, commercial storefronts, architectural railings, and transaction windows.

Industry: Construction Materials
Headquartered: United States

The challenges

Complex Custom Product Configuration

“It’s a business based on custom hardware—custom-sized doors and openings with multiple options for glass types, handle types, colors, heights, widths, etc. All that quoting was previously done through Excel. But the problem was the prices were never up-to-date from the manufacturing side.”

Design and configuration

Lack of Vizualization

Siloed Systems and Data

The Solution

Implementing Epicor CPQ

“(With Epicor CPQ) a customer can go in, design their product, pick the color, size, bells, and whistles, and receive a quote. At the end, a nice drawing shows all the parts and custom features.”

3D Visualization and Dynamic Pricing

“(With Epicor CPQ) a customer can go in, design their product, pick the color, size, bells, and whistles, and receive a quote. At the end, a nice drawing shows all the parts and custom features.”

Seamless Data Integration

“Sales uses CPQ to get the accurate pricing quote, which then flows through our existing systems, like our proprietary D3 order management system, and then on to manufacturing.”


Accelerated Quoting

By empowering customers and sales teams to configure even the most complex product definitions visually within the Epicor CPQ intuitive interface, FHC has completely re-imagined what is possible regarding time-to-quote and time-to-production.

Elaborate configurations that previously demanded hours of manual back-and-forth between stakeholders can now be spun up in seconds. Large quotes that used to take as long as two hours to enter into the system now take as little as ten minutes.

Streamlined Engineering

On the engineering side, the time savings prove even more dramatic. 90% of orders no longer require manual engineering work. Engineering tasks that took hours now take minutes, which means customers get their orders faster. With the FHC engineering staff relieved of the bulk of tedious transactional work, they can focus on the most complex custom orders and higher-value tasks instead.

Enhanced Customer Service

Historically, complex product configurations at FHC required extensive specialized expertise, which was held by a limited number of application engineers and sales personnel. Now, team members can use Epicor CPQ to configure products without specialist knowledge, making the FHC sales team effortlessly scalable.

Increased Revenue Potential

By automating the configuration/quoting process, Epicor CPQ has allowed the sales team to focus on revenue-generating activities like pursuing new business and strengthening customer relationships. Simultaneously, the engineering team can devote more resources to the most complex, high-value projects. Together, these changes effectively increase sales capacity and revenue potential for FHC without the need to expand headcount.

“With the logic structured in our CPQ system, 90% of our orders no longer require manual engineering work. Tasks that used to take my engineers half a day can now be completed in minutes. As a result, we’ve significantly reduced our lead times by several days.”

“One of the biggest impacts is we’re giving the customer a tool to gain custom pricing from our products instantly, without needing an expert’s help or waiting 48 hours for a quote.”

“We’re creating (digital) estimators for our products by using Epicor CPQ. It’s assisting us with our future growth goals and letting Jesse’s team (Technical Sales) expand in multiple ways.”

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