CPQ for Healthcare

GE Healthcare Powers A New Sales Model

GE Healthcare is an industry leader.

As a leading global medical technology and life sciences company, GE Healthcare provides a broad portfolio of products, solutions and services used in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients and in the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. They came to KBMax when they sought a better CPQ for healthcare solution.

The Background

GE Healthcare Was Carving A New Path

The biopharma division of GE Healthcare had a big challenge ahead of them as they realized they needed to fundamentally change the way that they were selling.

The existing CPQ tool GE Healthcare employed would not allow for multi-layer configuration and quotes which left them searching for a new solution.

Their Existing CPQ Tool Lacked an Integrated Approach

The Biopharma team knew that dealing with a more complex product configuration was only the first road block. They also had a number of tools like Excel and other apps that resulted in a disconnected process.

They were not integrated in their IT ecosystem and knew that they’d benefit greatly with connectivity to these core business systems.

The Solution

CPQ for Healthcare

What Is CPQ Software And How it Configures
GE Healthcare Replaced Their In-Place CPQ Tools

Since their existing solution didn’t support multi-layer configuration, they looked for a vendor who had deep experience working with complex product configuration. They also wanted to take this opportunity to find a solution which was truly SaaS and cloud-hosted which Tacton, who was their existing provider, could not offer.

From Proof-of-Concept Production, Fast

The project started as a two-week effort by KBMax to create a proof-of-concept (POC) to show them how integrated CPQ could be applied to their specific use case. They saw the value immediately and the partnership and project was kicked off.

The KBMax and GE Healthcare project teams were excited to get the project live within just four months. The solution allows them to efficiently sell ingredients and chemicals that compliment their core product line using the KBMax visual configurator powered by the Snap advanced CPQ rules engine.

The Results

CPQ for Healthcare

300 Active Users & Adding More Weekly

Configure Price and Quote for Healthcare

Better Connected Systems & Processes

CPQ for Biopharma

Launched in Just 4 Months and Still Expanding

Strong Adoption by GE Healthcare’s Biopharma Team

Projects do great with strong stakeholder support and getting 300 active users to adopt the new solution can be attributed to strong advocacy of the Biopharma division’s CTO who was happy to share his experience and the value of the solution with others. Adoption continues to increase with additional users being added on a weekly basis, projecting the number to exceed 500 users.

Connected Systems and Processes

With the aid of KBMax Connector integration platform, the division will be able to integrate with their business-critical IT infrastructure. Their configuration, quote, and order information will no longer be locked away as they will be able to successfully transact data from KBMax product configurators across to PLM, CRM, CPQ, and ERP systems affording them a previously unrealized end-to-end sales process.

Opportunities to Expand the Solution and Benefits

The biopharma team’s CTO and project managers recognized the value of the partnership and continuously looks for other ways to leverage their investment in KBMax CPQ for future projects. They also tap other teams at GE Healthcare who are experiencing similar pain points that they had with their old CPQ solution to see if they can share in their benefit using KBMax.

Revolutionize CPQ for healthcare with KBMax.