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Turning on the Lights for Build-to-Order Product


Reinventing how Business Gets Done

ALW manufactures a broad array of architectural lighting – from ambient and accent to archetypal and atypical. By challenging the status quo and innovating every aspect of their business – design, manufacturing, marketing, and customer service – ALW seeks to enhance the visual experience of everyone who works, studies, shops and recreates indoors.

"We evaluated many solutions and KBMax was the most robust and easy to set up. It empowers our sales and dealers to showcase our wide range of products."

Andreas Dankelman
VP Operations at ALW

Shining A Light On The Challenges

ALW’s existing Excel-based process was painful.

Internal sales reps and dealers both struggled with an Excel-based tool to complete proposals. The solution was error-prone and not scalable. Build-to-order engineering drawings took too much time to turn around, but the company needed a visual way to show off their product options and streamline the design process.

The Solution Went Live In Only Three Months

Sales channels can quickly provide accurate and visual proposals.

Architectural Lighting Works augmented Salesforce CPQ with KBMax to enable product visualization, CAD automation, and robust, rules-driven CPQ to sellers and dealers.

Enabling the Sales Channel

50 Sales Representatives and 300 Dealers use KBMax to enhance the quoting process.

CAD Automation

ALW can now automatically generate CAD models and drawings in SolidWorks.

Integration with Salesforce CPQ

KBMax's visualization and quoting tool feeds data back into Salesforce CPQ.

Light up your manufacturing.