Omnichannel CPQ sales software

Enable new and exciting buying channels 

Open up new and immersive buying channels for your customers

Put buying power in others’ hands

Our Omnichannel B2B2C solution is a game-changer that elevates the customer experience to win more and bigger deals.

Manufacturers struggle with products that may offer thousands of configurable options. With complexity like that, is it impossible to entrust product configuration and quoting outside of the knowing hands of your sales reps? Not at all. KBMax combines a robust rules engine, dynamic pricing, and visual configuration that is a simple and flexible tool for your sales reps, distributors, and end buyers to do business.

“KBMax [Epicor CPQ] support for the direct sales channel, reseller channel and self-service channel is among the best evaluated for this Magic Quadrant. The visual configurator can be embedded in a third-party self-service digital commerce platform, and all functionality is accessible through REST APIs.”


Engage every audience with powerful visual configuration

Sales reps can be independent

Enable accurate orders from outsiders

Sell directly to customers via the web

“We have a simple product with numerous and sometimes complex and unlimited option catalog. Epicor CPQ allows us to handle 95% of the custom requests without needing to use outside drawing programs to meet the customer’s needs. ”

Timberlane, Inc.

Benefits of Epicor CPQ omnichannel selling

Epicor CPQ is the only omnichannel solution with dedicated management, on a per-channel basis

Epicor CPQ Channels help you manage groups of users – such as resellers, distributors, and other sales partners – and what they see, so they can focus on helping you sell the right products to the right customers.

Efficient user management

Allow distributors to manage their own accounts simply and with confidence. Channels allow you to delegate administration and eliminate wasted time managing accounts for other teams.

Differentiated experiences

Within a channel, a user can only see their own transactions and can maintain separate logic like pricing, discounts, and product categories. You can also provide dedicated themes and branding.

Safe, separate channels

Protect your customer data, pricing, and more. Channels are truly separated environments, only allowing those within your channel to see their particular product catalog, quotes, orders, pricing and discounts.

Meet customers where they are with our omnichannel B2B2C solution