Sell more structures and build them faster 

Epicor CPQ turns your complex ordering rules into an immersive buying experience for your modular buildings, that also drives engineering and manufacturing processes.

Your buildings are great, but have you built efficient sales and manufacturing processes?

Selling modular buildings takes more effort than it should. Asking for big money from the buyer while addressing tons of options and dependencies…It’s a complicated sale!

Sales is taking heat from both sides

Your sales reps are struggling to understand and communicate the numerous options and product rules quickly and easily for the customer. They have to constantly involve Engineering to validate building configurations and provide pre-sales drawings. Then the customer changes things, requiring engineering to step in again.

Too many errors make it to manufacturing

All of this is lost in translation when these orders get to the shop floor, introducing risk, mistakes, delays, upset customers, and reduced profitability. Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell every feasible configuration of your modular buildings simply and efficiently, no matter the complexity? And, at the same time, get sales, engineering, and fabrication on the same page?

The solution for modular building sales

Design and sell complex structures on-the-fly, simply and efficiently, no matter the complexity.

Break down silos between your customers and internal teams while optimizing sales, engineering, and production processes.

Visually design buildings with confidence

product configurator software
product configurator software
product configurator software

A visually rich and controlled buying experience

Empower sales reps to self-serve on everything

“We are making it easier for our customers to accurately configure several of our most customized products in a virtual and self-service way.”

NanaWall Systems

Connect engineering, back-office, and manufacturing

cpq for modular buildings
cpq for modular buildings
cpq for modular buildings

Generate CAD files and manufacturing outputs

Connect people, processes, and systems

“Beyond the visualization capabilities, Epicor CPQ has excellent integrations with Salesforce, AutoCAD and Solidworks for lots of different output workflows.”

NanaWall Systems

Reach new customer audiences

modular buildings configurator
modular buildings configurator
modular buildings configurator

Get your configurable building products for sale online

With omnichannel and B2B selling you can acquire a large volume of customers in bulk

“KBMax [Epicor CPQ] support for the direct sales channel, reseller channel and self-service channel is among the best evaluated for this Magic Quadrant. The visual configurator can be embedded in a third-party self-service digital commerce platform, and all functionality is accessible through REST APIs.”


Benefits of modular building online sales

Increase deal size and eliminate hassle while meeting the unique needs of every buyer

Design, price, and quote a structure in minutes, instead of days or weeks.

Sales reps or customers visually configure structures in immersive 2D or 3D space

Get instant, dynamic pricing, driven by your rules or external data sources

Tap into new customer channels with omni-channel sales and B2B eCommerce

Enable Sales to generate their own pre-sales engineering drawings

Automate your manual, monotonous, time-sapping sales and engineering tasks

Auto-generate CAD files, CNC cut sheets, BOMs, and product renderings for production

See how Epicor CPQ automates manufacturing to connect customers, teams, and processes