Engineer to order

There is help for ETO companies who seek automation 

Companies that manufacture Engineer to Order (ETO) products don’t have to be forced to decide on the trade-off between customization and operational efficiency

Are you Engineer to Order (ETO)?

Is the custom and engineering-heavy nature of your configuration process putting increasing strain on your engineering and manufacturing teams?

Do these ETO challenges sound familiar?
  • Is your product manufactured and assembled in low quantities?
  • Do you have limited or individual customer specifications?
  • Are outputs subject to large cost penalties for lateness?

You are not alone
  • 25% of North American manufacturing companies are ETO.
  • ETO companies are growing at a rate of 20% annually.
  • For Engineer to Order, engineering is the largest controllable consumer of lead time taking up to 50% of the total time.

The engineer to order solution

Reduce complexity with engineer to order automation

ETO companies think that it is impossible to automate the entire end-to-end process surrounding product configuration, design, engineering, and production. However, KBMax can act as your “Virtual Engineer” to reduce errors and speed up the sales and manufacturing process.

Introduce rules-driven product configuration

engineer to order solutions
engineer to order solutions
engineer to order solutions

Advanced configuration rules

A controlled, bottoms-up experience

“We have a simple product with numerous and sometimes complex and unlimited option catalog. Epicor CPQ allows us to handle 95% of the custom requests without needing to use outside drawing programs to meet the customer’s needs. ”

Timberlane, Inc.

Streamline product design and CAD automation

engineer to order software
engineer to order software
engineer to order software

Let sales take control of their drawings

Dynamic CAD inputs and outputs

“Our product configurator, powered by Epicor CPQ, allowed us to systematize our engineering experience to generate customer specific products within minutes, not weeks.”


Extend engineer to order with manufacturing and back-office integration

engineer to order automation
engineer to order automation
engineer to order automation

Connect people, processes, and systems

Auto-generate manufacturing outputs

“The key parts that Epicor CPQ has helped us solve was taking what the customer configured in their shopping cart directly to the shop floor to be built. For us, that automation was key to improving the customer experience.”


See how KBMax streamlines production with engineer to order automation