Direct To Consumer

better way to sell your products direct to consumers (DTC) 

Personalize both the product and the shopping experience, and convert visitors into loyal customers with Epicor CPQ’s DTC solutions.
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Make buying complex, customizable products simple for your customers

Provide a frictionless online shopping experience, free from confusion and time-consuming interactions

Simplify the buying process

Serve customers with convenience and flexibility. Display every available option in 2D or 3D. Add VR and AR to provide further clarity. Become the go-to online store for your products.

Streamline your DTC operations

Guided selling helps customers put together perfect products and bundles every time. Only valid configurations reach the shopping cart and your fulfillment team.

The all-in-one solution for direct-to-consumer sales

Deliver the eCommerce experience your customers expect, regardless of product complexity

Today’s customers demand a seamless online shopping experience. Offer a consistent, integrated experience on any device, regardless of where and how customers come into contact with your store.

Drive sales and transparency with a visual selling approach

Let your customers configure complex products in 2D or 3D directly on your website. They can simply click, drag, and drop sections to add, remove, upgrade, or resize. The possibilities are endless.

Show, dont tell

Customers want more product information than ever, but that doesn’t mean they want to trawl through long descriptions. Replace bloated product descriptions with slick interactive 3D visuals to boost your conversion rate by 40% and minimize returns.  

Sell with certainty

Robust product and pricing rules ensure that every configuration is optimized for profitability. Rules are easy to set up and maintain – even for non-technical users. 

“We are doing nothing less than revolutionizing the way our customers visualize, configure, and buy our customized products. We now have a next generation tool our B2B customers can easily use to generate stunning custom designs much faster than we could have built for them.”

Outdoor Cap Company

Reach new customers and expand your business with DTC

Empower your brand with a direct-to-consumer sales channel. Provide customers with the tools they need to configure your products accurately and place orders directly.  

Centralize your product knowledge

Give your customers access to a comprehensive product configuration platform. Promote consistency and clarity with product and pricing rules that apply across your entire online store.  

Capitalize on new opportunities

Achieve economies of scale and maximize your margin by selling directly to consumers. Build long-lasting relationships with your customers and gather valuable data to inform your business decisions.

“We are making it easier for our customers to accurately configure several of our most customized products in a virtual and self-service way.”

NanaWall Systems

Achieve operational excellence

Automate the most time-consuming sales and engineering processes to sell with speed and accuracy. Eliminate human error and slash your sales cycle.  

Enable sales at scale

Sales reps configure perfect products and bundles every time with guided selling. Calculate prices and generate quotes in real-time. Liberate reps from Excel and set them free to create more revenue.  

Clear bottlenecks

With product rules, only verified configurations make their way past sales to engineering. Generate CAD outputs, BOMs, CNC files, and parts lists automatically. Cut out the back and forth and ship products faster.  

“The key parts that Epicor CPQ has helped us solve was taking what the customer configured in their shopping cart directly to the shop floor to be built. For us, that automation was key to improving the customer experience.”


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