Rock-solid and simplified CPQ for your SAP ERP 

Extend your ROI from your SAP deployment with visual CPQ that connects your customers, products, and teams


How long does it take to get your new products live in SAP?

Your new product is designed, tested, ready, and signed off by management. But now the real struggle begins…


Do you find that it’s needlessly difficult to load a new product and relevant information into SAP?

It might take two, three, six months, or even longer to build out every possible product configuration in SAP – some of which may never be chosen or purchased.


All of that time spent dealing with this complexity means missed revenue and opportunity, allowing your competition to make gains.

The worst part? Once you do begin selling, the quoting process is weighing down your engineering and production teams.

The best CPQ solution for SAP

KBMax is the most simple and powerful configure, price, and quote solution that integrates with SAP

It’s never been easier to get your products launched and connected to customers, quotes, orders, and manufacturing for a rich buying experience and simplified production.

Allow for friendlier buying and a more efficient business


Tap into new buying channels

Keep your user’s attention

Increase your return-on-investment from your existing SAP deployment

SAP visual product configurator
SAP visual product configurator
SAP visual product configurator

Enable seller independence

Give engineering a head start

Help manufacturing stay accurate and to succeed

Tighten up processes across the entire life cycle

Benefits of CPQ for SAP Variant

Focus SAP Variant Configurator on what it does best

KBMax robust rules engine manages sales and production-level rules and the exchange of information between your teams. This means you can reduce the sales rulesets living within Variant Configurator, letting it focus on downstream manufacturing rules.

Deploy and maintain rules flexibly

SAP VC rulesets are notoriously lengthy, hard to code, and highly dependent upon ‘If Statements’, unlike KBMax Snap which provides significantly more logic, engineering, configuration, and visualization.

Drive more sophisticated visual configuration

VC’s constraint-based engine resides outside the visualization layer, requiring the management of two systems and diverging sets of rules. Your customer experience takes a hit each time it has to ask SAP VC if something is allowed… but KBMax does it real-time.

Enable top-down or bottoms-up designs

Gain greater flexibility and efficiency when designing custom products on the fly. Admins are not forced to use one approach over another to build BOMs (Bill of Materials) which lessens constraint logic and maintenance.

See how CPQ for SAP connects customers, teams, and processes